Sep 022015


With last season in the rear view mirror after witnessing Dallas Eakins set this franchise back even further I thought I would take a look at the roster and who I believe will have a bounce back season and/or will is ready to take a step forward in the their career.  I believe there are a bunch of players who will have greatly improved seasons so let’s do this! Continue reading »

Aug 152015


I really hope that Chiarelli takes a page out of Blue Jays’ Anthopoulos’ playbook and makes the essential needs to get the Oilers into contention by the trade deadline of the 2016-17 season. I mention the year after next because this season he is weighed down by contract anchors Teddy P and Nikki Nikitin. But, the time frame is secondary to the actual overall concept: making moves to make your club better, regardless of the cost and the potential of both roster players and prospects. Continue reading »

Pounding the Oilers kool-aid vs possible trainwreck

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Aug 132015

The Edmonton Oilers new general manager Peter Chiarelli was handed a team full of holes and went straight to work.  A goalie and a few defencemen were his biggest priorities and he managed to upgrade both.  Brought in were Cam Talbot, Griffin Reinhart and Andres Sekera.  All three are clear upgrades but are they enough is the question…???  I want so badly to believe that it’s good enough and that Darnell Nurse will be ready but the Oilers have sucked for so long that I just don’t know if I can believe in a team that continues to disappoint. Continue reading »

Jul 272015


August is just around the corner and the Edmonton Oilers brass must be on vacation because it is pretty quiet in Oilerville. Seeing that it’s very quiet I thought it’s a perfect time to sit back and reflect on the Oilers. Continue reading »

Random Oiler thoughts

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Jul 222015


1. I drove along 104th Ave(the future Mcdavid Way) and couldn’t help but get fired up. What a great looking building! The amount is cranes in the sky is great to see with infrastructure engulfing the rink. Great vision by Daryl Katz! I can’t wait to see the finished product. Continue reading »

Jul 212015

downloadI saw a tweet that posed the question to fans and media: would you rather have Franson on a 3 year deal or Seabrook on a 7 or 8 year deal. This author’s position was he would rather have Franson on a short term deal. This is the kind of thinking that makes me giggle as an Oiler fan. I hear it all the time, or read it on Twitter. Just because we want it as Oiler fans doesn’t mean anyone else involved does. Franson could likely get $5-$5.5 on a 2 or 3 year deal from anyone – so, why would he choose to come here? Would we want to overpay in order to make the deal work over 3 years? Doubtful. Franson is looking for term, like every UFA his age always is.

The Oilers have a lot of NHL defensemen (contract and potentially) and not a lot of viable options on what to do with them if they want to further tweak the back end. Ference, Nikitin and Schultz represent contracts that don’t have much bang for the buck. Buying anyone out this year doesn’t make any sense. The new brass needs to see how the on-ice product looks and how the team plays together before they make any more little tweaks that cost the team long term money. Buying out players this year makes no sense. We don’t know if we have a contender or a pretender.  I would assume that the Oilers will move forward into the new season status quo, unless a Seabrook extension is not reached in Chicago and they decide to move him. Continue reading »

Jul 132015

Ex- Edmonton Oilers general manager Craig Mactavish wasn’t on duty very long but managed to be quite the wheeler and dealer in his short stint here in Edmonton. As a rookie GM he certainly wasn’t scared to make moves. Some of his moves were excellent and some were awful! Let’s take a look: Continue reading »

Jul 102015

8f99d6c3e880b3b77aca2533ff50782eb4b49faaThis evening, the Chicago Blackhawks traded Patrick Sharp and his $5.9 million cap hit to the Dallas Stars for Trevor Daley and Ryan Garbutt. The Stars retain half of Garbutt’s salary and now the Hawks are sitting with about a 1/2 million in cap space and 14 forwards, 5 defensemen and 2 goalies signed.

Continue reading »

Jul 102015

So, it is sounding more and more like there are actual talks between Chicago and Edmonton regarding the all-star rearguard. It seems like there is growing debate between Oiler fans and media regarding Seabrook’s value long term.

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