Apr 152014


This could take a while…

1.  Nail Yakupov-  Regressed and was full of drama.  The BS with his agent was junk!

2.  Sam Gagner-  Just can’t figure out how to play without the puck and so soft.

3.  Ryan Jones-  If you can’t score, you better be gritty.  Excluding a few games, he neither scored or was gritty.

4.  Jesse Joensuu-  Turns out he this years Teemu Hartikinen.

5.  Jeff Petry-  So soft.  I believe in him but he really needs to toughen up.

6.  Devan Dubnyk-  He’s in the A.H.L. now so there’s not much else to say.

7.  Coaching-  Dallas Eakins decided to play the “swarm” which backfired miserably.  Maybe just maybe there was a reason that no other team played that system and that most played very similarly without the puck.   His team also was going to be the fittest in the league which was hilarious!  He was a rookie coach and made rookie mistakes.

8.  The jersey throwing fans-  Grow up!  Go cheer for some other team.

9.  The defence-  Worst group in the league.

10.  Beating Vancouver in the last game of the year-  Went from 29th to 28th overall. 

The 2013-2014 was the most painful season that I can remember and one can only hope that it was rock bottom because I don’t know how much more the players, management and fans can take.  Hopefully that tiny light I see is the what I think it is…

Keep the Faith!!!

Apr 142014


The Edmonton Oilers played game 82 of yet another dreadful season Saturday where fans got to say good-bye to heart and soul player Ryan Smyth.  It was nice to see the team end its year on a positive note instead of losing in a drubbing like so many other nights this past season.  As usual most fans drank the Oilers kool-aid and expected much more than what was delivered.  We actually believed that our team would be the fittest team in the league.  We actually believed that all of the young players would improve and we actually believed that Devan Dubnyk was a good enough starter.  Continue reading »

Apr 092014


With the 2013/2014 Edmonton Oilers season almost in the books and the fans debating who to pick in the upcoming draft, yet again, random Oiler and hockey thoughts have entered my head of late.  Some excite, most do not and other are indifferent… Continue reading »

Apr 082014


Could buyouts be a key? I read, “Ranking the NHL’s Top 10 Buyout Candidates,” on the Bleacher Report yesterday (written by Lyle Richardson who is the guy responsible for Spector’s Hockey) and wondered if any of the players listed could potentially help the Oilers next season. Given the poor quality of this summer’s free agent crop, GM Craig MacTavish is going to have to look high and low for real NHL players who can potentially help his team.

Do any of these guys fit the bill? Continue reading »

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Apr 072014

kool aid


One thing that I have been guilty of the past few years is drinking the Kool-Aid. The 2013-14 season marked the high point of my Kool-Aid consumption. I was delusional and clearly drank the Kool-Aid that the Oilers laid on the table for me. Here I will highlight where I bought in hook, line and sinker. I led with blind faith and…well…take a look: Continue reading »

Mar 282014


Could Clarkson be revisited this summer? Today over at Spector’s Hockey, there is an item regarding David Clarkson and the Toronto Maple Leafs. Apparently Doug Maclean has reported that the Leafs are discussing the possibility of buying out David Clarkson with a standard buyout (Toronto has already used all of their compliance buyouts). It is obvious that the Clarkson signing was a huge mistake. It is also obvious that the Oilers dodged a massive bullet (4 goals so far this season) when Clarkson chose Toronto over Edmonton. However, the Oilers still need a tough player who can play in the top 6 and as a former 30 goal scorer, Clarkson has shown he has the ability. So if the Leafs do indeed buyout Clarkson, should the Oilers revisit their interest from last summer?

Continue reading »

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Mar 262014


I had the privilege of getting a free lunch at The Westin yesterday afternoon and the food was fantastic! I had the chicken and caesar salad. Oh ya… Craig MacTavish spoke to the crowd for a while as well and was very forthright answering every question sent his way. The season ticket holders asked good questions for the most part and Mact was very honest and didn’t beat around the bush. Here are a few tidbits. Continue reading »

Mar 242014


Is Taylor Hall a Bust? Fans are pissed in the City of Edmonton currently and rightfully so; their team is brutal. Some fans are even questioning Taylor Hall and not just because he splashed coach Dallas Eakins’ fancy suit. They are questioning whether or not the Edmonton Oilers drafted the right player #1 overall at the 2010 NHL Entry Draft. I’ve even heard the word ”bust” used. Did the Edmonton Oilers draft the wrong guy? Continue reading »

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Mar 232014


Maybe the universe doesn’t hate Edmonton- A season of embarrassment as an Edmonton Oiler fan continued last night. An 8-1 drubbing at the hands of the lowly Calgary Flames after losing to the league’s worst team earlier in the week was about as much as I could take. The team’s recent winning ways were largely due to the goaltending of both Ben Scrivens and Victor Fasth, so any Duct tape holding the team together was bound to give way at some point. The rebuild needs a rebuild and my faith in the Edmonton Oilers is at an all time low. However, the hockey gods have shined some light on the City of Edmonton in the form of the University of Alberta Golden Bears who won their league record 14th Canadian University National title today with a 3-1 victory over the University of Saskatchewan. My friend and I were season ticket holders this year and will be again next. It is a nice balance for an Oiler fan to also be a fan of a team who just competes and wins year after year.  Continue reading »

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