Sep 252014



All of you haters, all of you fans so tired of losing, tired of being out of the post season before Christmas…

All of you huddled masses in Copper and Blue, all of you in hockey despair and considering Lacrosse or women’s badminton as a replacement sport, take heart:

Things are going to change this year… and its good.
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Sep 222014


The Edmonton Oilers camp is now in full effect and us Oiler fans have plenty to talk about.  I do a lot of driving with my job and end up listening to way too much talk radio on both TSN1260 and 630CHED.  There are plenty of subjects to cover and I have my random thoughts on all them. Continue reading »

Sep 222014

earth The image above may seem odd at first. The poles have been flipped and east is now to the left and west to the right. The traditional way we view a globe is arbitrary and certainly isn’t based on anything tangible as in space there is no ‘up’ or ‘down.’ Truthfully, the conventional way we look at the earth is more of an indication of the bias of the people who create the maps and globes than it is anything else. That doesn’t mean that another viewpoint, which itself is correct, doesn’t exist.

Take the Edmonton Oilers; conventional wisdom spawned by the media and some bloggers (this one included) places the team finishing outside of the 2014-2015 NHL playoff race. However, prior to the dawn of the new season is it conceivable that another view may be correct? Continue reading »

Sep 192014


I decided to drive down to Rexall and watch the Oilers training camp today. The ice sat silent until about 10:40 when two Oilers from Team Messier (blue shirts), Wil Acton and Tyler Pitlick, came out on their own. The crowd of roughly 2,500 or so began to cheer. You could tell it was an awkward moment for the two players as they seemed unsure on whether they should give a wave to the fans or just go about their business. It must twist a person’s heads to get cheered for simply going out on the ice for a shoot around. Continue reading »

Sep 182014


The Clare Drake was packed to the rafters last night for the tilt between the University of Alberta Golden Bears and the Oilers Rookies. That was the most full I have ever seen the Bears home rink and the atmosphere was amazing for a pre-season hockey game. Fortunately for fans, the game didn’t disappoint. Continue reading »

Sep 172014


Unless you live under a rock, you no-doubt are aware that the Oilers’ rookies take on the defending National Champion University of Alberta Golden Bears at the Clare Drake Arena tonight. I went and picked up my ticket this afternoon. The Oilers rookies had just finished an on ice session and were loading into the team bus as I walked by. I caught a glimpse of Mitch Moroz taking a picture with a few fans who were waiting for the players.

As a huge fan of both teams, I can’t wait for 7pm tonight! Continue reading »

Sep 162014

Ryan+Johansen+Edmonton+Oilers+v+Columbus+Blue+yvCmovqVHh_l ran an article this morning about the Ryan Johansen’s contract negotiations with the Columbus Blue Jackets. In the article, Columbus GM Jarmo Kekalainen is quoted as stating, “Our success is going to come from being a team, not a bunch of individuals or stars, or whatever.” The GM is further quoted, “When training camp starts, that’s it. After that, the focus is on the guys who are there on tryouts or guys who are under contract. That’s it. That will be the only focus.” It sounds like things are going pear shaped in Columbus; should the Oilers be interested? Continue reading »

Sep 152014


I’m sitting at my desk, eating my lunch, and watching the final game for the Oilers of the rookie tournament. I never seem to realize how much I miss hockey until the season starts anew. This choppy rookie tournament looks like the work of a renaissance master to my refreshed eyes. Continue reading »

Sep 102014


The new season- The Young Stars tournament is in Penticton is this weekend and you can watch online. Exactly one week from today, the Edmonton Oilers rookies take on the University of Alberta Golden Bears at the Clare Drake Arena at 7:00pm. I bought my ticket to the U of A game over the weekend (along with my season tickets). The new season is here and we can actually look forward to talking about actual games rather than speculating on this, that, and the other thing ad nauseam.

Personally, I’m really looking forward to seeing Leon Draisaitl facing the defending National Champion Golden Bears. However, what if he doesn’t dominate? What if he doesn’t look all-world vs. the Bears? What would that mean? Ooop, that was my anxiety taking over my brain and my fingers as I type.  Continue reading »


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