Random thoughts May 21st, 2015

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May 212015



1.  I listened to parts of the Mike Babcock interview today and i love hearing him speak.  He’s so real and honest and I like that part of his personality.  He took the giant pay-day and will go to Toronto, work his ass off and try to turn the sinking ship around.  The good news is he has 8 years to do it. Continue reading »

May 202015


The last few weeks in Edmonton has been a wonderful time for Oilers fans.  The last decade of futility is officially behind us and the future actually looks bright.  The sudden swing seems almost surreal for fans with nothing but positives around our favorite team which obviously is a complete 180 from the last game of the 2014-2015 Edmonton Oilers season in which they lost…yet again… Continue reading »

May 192015

2010_olyw_bob_nicholson_gold_medal_bite_640Ever since the press conference that announced Bob Nicholson as the CEO in charge of all things Oilers I have had a renewed faith. Even before that fateful lottery, I felt like the Oilers were heading in the right direction and in good hands. His confidence in that presser was unwavering. It was the attitude of a man who has no problem with being at the head of an organization. He’s the man who took the reigns of Hockey Canada in 1998 and helped sculpt the culture that lead to Olympic Gold in 2002. He’s been here before and under his short reign, he has taken all the right steps.  Continue reading »

Thoughts from the World Championships and Todd McLellan

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May 192015


Like most of you, I watched as much of the World Championships as I could. Most years, I’d watch it if was on, but I wouldn’t make a point of it. This year was different as it was the first time in recent memory where the roster resembled an all-star team. Again, like most of you, I was secretly hoping that Crosby would centre a line with Hall and Eberle. I never thought it was possible, but as with so many impossibilities this spring, it came to pass. The tournament gave me many topics to hope for and wonder about. Here are a few. Continue reading »

May 142015


As an Oilers fan, I am living the sweet life on the 27th day A.M. (After McDavid). The team has new leadership, is rumored to have a new coach, and has 3 of the top players coming out of junior in the form of #McJesus, Nurse, and Draisaitl. I can’t remember the last time I was this positive about being a fan. However, every community has its’ lunatic fringe. They are the ones who are attempting to rob of us of this glorious moment in time. They are the reason why some players don’t like playing here; they are the ones who make ridiculous trade suggestions; they are also the ones who are never happy. You’ll hear them in bars, as callers on talk radio, and as commenters on blogs. With a straight face they’ll defiantly claim trading McDavid is for the best, as is trading Hall et al. They’ll proclaim from the rooftops that Chiarelli should have waited for Babcock. They are the reason why we can’t have nice things.

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May 132015


What if the Oilers didn’t draft McDavid? To begin, I want to state for the record that I have absolutely no reason to believe that the Oilers will pass on Connor McDavid with the first pick in the 2015 NHL draft. None. I just wonder what the reaction would be like in the City of Edmonton if the team, for instance, selected Jack Eichel instead or possibly traded the pick altogether. How would you feel as a fan? Would your reaction be strong enough to turn your back on the team? Continue reading »

May 122015

My wife and I just did the kid exchange and I’m home and she’s off to work. The kids are both sick so they’re engrossed in the movie, ” The Croods.” It’s not exactly a cinematic masterpiece, so I’ve been sitting here thinking about the Oilers. Here are the 5 items I’ve been pondering.  Continue reading »

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May 112015


Who is your masked man? (poll)- With all the talk about the Oilers’ head coaching position, the volume has been turned down on the situation in Edmonton’s goal. Along with defense, it is an area of extreme weakness and surely something which Chiarelli needs to address this off season. So, what are your thoughts?
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Dubnyk helps the oilers???

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May 082015


Here is a simple way to look at things.  I believe goalies, unless you are the 6 or 7 perennial “Carey Price” type figures in the NHL, are up and down every year…  some have great years and never play again.  History has shown.  I think Dubnyk is a quality goalie.


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Random Oiler thoughts

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May 072015

Musing2The Edmonton Oilers organization has changed much of their leaders the last little while and thus are in a much better spot today than they were just a few weeks ago.  Gone are the old boys and rookie GM.  In are veteran leaders who can help run this team the right way.  I liked Craig Mactavish but veteran Peter Chiarelli is obviously an upgrade at the General manager position.  Having a generational talent fall in his lap will make him look better as well but I have faith that he can right the ship. Continue reading »


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