Nov 272015

I just read an article suggesting that Nuge should be traded for a defenseman. I think this is ludicrous. I would entertain trading 20 other hockey players before Nugent-Hopkins. I have said it before and I will say it again – you build down the middle. In this article, the writer referenced the Penguins and their situation with Crosby, Malkin and Staal as if that was some sort of negative. They won a cup. So…there’s that.
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Nov 182015


Nail Yakupov is and always has been a great debate among Edmonton Oiler fans as to what he is and what he can be. On one hand fans says he’s an elite talent, first overall pick with a great shot and on the other hand he’s a one way player who is clueless on the ice and who can’t even crack the top six on the worst team in the N.H.L. So Nail Yakupov…what are you and what are you going to be??? Continue reading »

Make the Call, Ref!!!!

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Nov 132015

I have been hearing a lot about the issue of scoring being down in the NHL and how to fix it. Well, for me, the first step is simple: start calling penalties as they are written in the rule book. Remember two lockouts ago? We came back to a faster NHL with no clutching and grabbing. Stars like Sid and Ovie burst onto the scene and heck, even Phaneuf had 49 points in his rookie campaign. It was awesome to watch and one of my biggest frustration as a fan was when playoff time came, the game changed so drastically.


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Nov 102015


The Edmonton Oilers currently sit in 27th place, 8 points back of the playoffs and it is only November 10th. Yet again the Oilers are awful and the chance of making the playoffs is pretty much gone. The Oilers suck and it’s the usual problems that are killing this team. Continue reading »

Random Oiler thoughts

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Nov 032015


1. I’m glad to see Oilers coach Todd Mclellan is playing Anders Nilsson tonight. I think it sends the right message to Cam Talbot and to the team. Talbot was at fault for two goals in his last outing so sitting him sends the right message. Anton Lander was benched a few games ago so why should Talbot be any different? His game wasn’t good enough so take a seat. Well done Mclellan. Continue reading »

Oh Canada

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Nov 022015

A couple of exciting games against two Canadian teams capped off a great weekend. In both games, the team battled back and put themselves in a position to win the game. One outcome was favourable and the other, well…not so much. Once again, let down by goaltending, the Oilers were not able to capitalize on a Calgary team that had played back-to-back nights. It was disappointing and if we hadn’t had so much disappointment heaped up on us as Oiler fans, it might have been bearable. One thing I did notice from being at both games was only having one anthem is awesome. The building was electric for both games and it would have been nice to sneak out one more point.

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Oct 282015


1. Whether you want to hear it or not… the Edmonton Oilers season is over already yet again. As of this morning the team sits fifth in the Pacific division, 6 points back of the wild card and 25th in the N.H.L. Elliotte Friedman has a stat that say just 3 of 32 N.H.L. teams at least 4 points out of a playoff spot on November 1st recovered enough to make the playoff between the 05/06 and 11/12 seasons. It’s over and its still October. I hate to be so negative but it’s the truth. Continue reading »

Oct 132015


The Oilers are 0-2 and haven’t scored a goal from an actual shot. McDavid has 0 points in two games and Jack Eichel already has 2 goals. Apparently it is time to panic and the Oilers (yet again) should have drafted the other guy.



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