Oct 182014


As I sat in row 4 on opening night, I had an overwhelming sense of dread.

Four cloth canvas banners were suspended from the score board for the opening ‘show’. Three of them dropped when it was complete. The fourth, got stuck. It took a few staff to skate over and pull it down. It really wasn’t a big deal, but as I watched this, all I could think was: “awww man, were f*&ked.”

I turned to my friend as they were pulling it down and said, “Conner McDavid here we come.” He just nodded in complete agreement.

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Oct 182014


Last night rather than watching the Oilers game I headed down to the Claire Drake to watch the U of A Golden Bears defeat the University of Saskatchewan Huskies 3-1 in a rematch of last spring’s national championship game. Unlike their home opening series against the University of Lethbridge, this game was actually close. It is a joy to be a fan of a team that is a perennial powerhouse; it helps balance me as I’m also a fan of the Oilers.

After the game the group I was with headed to a pub to catch the third period of the game between the Canucks and Oilers. From the 1/3 of the game that I viewed, Scrivens looked much better and the team appeared to be doing a better job defensively. However, the offense was nowhere to be found and they lost again. I asked this question last season and I’ll ask it again this season: when is now? Continue reading »

Oct 152014


Yesterday, prior to last night’s game, I wrote over at the Oilers Rig that the season was only two games old and it was too soon to panic. I argued that there was simply not enough data to toss a jersey or start calling for the coach’s head. Watching the game last night made me wonder is I had erred in assessment. Actually, I have to admit that it would be hard to argue that I hadn’t.

While I still feel it is far too soon to write off the entire season and start the ‘dishonor for Connor’ spiral, I am troubled by some familiar themes which are emerging: Continue reading »

Not again…

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Oct 102014


I was not able to watch last night’s game as I was waiting in hour long line ups at Disneyland on my honeymoon, checking my phone until it died. Once it was charged, an all too familiar result was on my phone: an Oilers’ loss. Continue reading »

Oct 092014


Tonight most Edmonton Oiler fans are in a happy place and feel “their” team is grossly improved and ready to compete.  The goalies are better.  The defence is much improved.  The forward group is older, deeper and bigger.  All is well and the collective fan base is snorting the Oilers kool-aid. Continue reading »

Oct 082014


According to everyone on sportsnet and TSN, and … the media,  oilers fans will be dissapointed this year… and calgary and vancouver will be good…

Why am I a believer and truly think Vancouver will be brutal and calgary finish 11th…

But lets just compare last year, we had a terrible start, then ended ok…. considering we had no important games past november, we should have been above .500 with goaltending to start.  we arer considerably better on paper this year, and age should help these stars.  They are no longer – “young kids”, players the same age are running franchises elsewhere, so that excuse is exhausted, old and i am tired of it.

Lets just go head to head game 1 – 2013 vs game 1 – 2014, if these players play and are healthy that is. Continue reading »

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Finally, day 1!

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Oct 082014


Finally, today is the day. The Oilers aren’t playing, but if you’re a hockey nerd like me, you’re excited! The great thing about a new season is the unknown and a team surprises every year. Maybe this year that team is the Oilers! Continue reading »

Oct 062014


Edmonton Oilers general manager Craig Mactavish made the final cuts this last weekend and many Oiler fans erupted in anger at many of the decisions.  Martin Marincin sent to the minors?  Risking Tyler Pitlick and Anton Lander to waivers?  Will Acton made the team?  Steve Pinozotto got cut?  I love the passionate Oiler fans!  Most U.S. markets dream about having a fan base that could even name their minor leaguers, prospects and fringe players like we can but maybe just maybe we take it a touch too far.  Let’s break it down… Continue reading »

Oct 022014


I am going to be watching the Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks tonight and it will be my first time this season that I’ve actually watched a game.  I’m not big into the preseason but tonight I am actually looking forward to watching all the story lines that surround this years version of the Oilers. Continue reading »

Sep 252014



All of you haters, all of you fans so tired of losing, tired of being out of the post season before Christmas…

All of you huddled masses in Copper and Blue, all of you in hockey despair and considering Lacrosse or women’s badminton as a replacement sport, take heart:

Things are going to change this year… and its good.
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