Sep 012016


The 2016-2017 is just around the corner and the Edmonton Oilers look to finally make some headway in the league after years and years of being the laughing-stock of the league. I believe the team will be much better and here’s why. Continue reading »

Simple Question: Are the Oilers better or worse than they were on June 20th?

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Jul 042016


Really simple poll question today for all the armchair GM’s out there:




Jun 302016

6hallThe Oilers got fleeced. They got their man, but they paid dearly. But, clearly that is what the market was for a minute-munching right-handed defenseman capable of handling that kind of workload. I trust that Chiarelli dangled Hall in front of the 16 GMs out East and came to the conclusion that this was the best he was going to get. Need for need, the deal makes sense. But, when I first heard it was Larsson, I was expecting Smith-Pelley, a draft pick or Sevenson to be the rest of the package. Even when the dust settled yesterday I was still expecting the Oil to get a sweetener out of it. I had heard NJ was a possible trade partner but I thought it was going to be a lesser deal. Certainly not one that involved Hall.  Continue reading »

Prediction time

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Jun 302016


July 1 is just around the corner and Oilers fans need something good to happen. 95% of fans I’ve talked to hated the Taylor Hall move so this fan base needs some good news tomorrow! Looking through a crystal ball here is what Curtis and I are predicting: Continue reading »

Jun 282016

jari-kurriPeter Chiarelli and the Edmonton Oilers entered this past draft weekend ready to wheel and deal. It was common knowledge that the Oilers’ brass were looking to land their top 4 defenseman and that the #4 pick was in play. That all changed when ChiaPete and his Merry Men gauged the draft floor and came to believe that Puljujarvi would fall to them at 4. It is believed that the big, fast, right shot will be able to step in right away and play at the NHL level. This is a player that is the second-highest scoring under 18 player at the WJC behind only Jagr. A player that lead that tournament in scoring as a 17 year old and that was also named tournament MVP. I put a lot of stock into the WJC performances. Maybe too much, but I have been watching the tournament since I was a kid and there are few names that go on to the big show that pass through this tournament that I do not recognize. If you would have told me after this tournament that Puljujarvi would be an Oiler, I would have been excited. January-May ISS rankings had him at #2. Not until the final rankings came out did Laine overtake him. This is an exciting development for the Oilers forward group.  Continue reading »

Bye-Bye Rexall Place thoughts

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Apr 062016

1. I was too young to appreciate the 1980’s when the Oilers were the best team in the world and things were fantastic! I was 8 when they won their first Stanley Cup so I couldn’t appreciate what was happening in front of me. Too bad. Continue reading »


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