Mar 262015

The Edmonton Oilers won again last night against the Colorado Avalanche moving 3 points up on 29th place and 8 points up on the 30th position.  It’s looking more and more like the Oilers won’t get studs Connor Mcdavid or Jack Eichel in this years upcoming N.H.L. entry draft.  Obviously Mcdavid and Eichel would be a great win for the Oilers but this years draft is excellent and the Oilers will be sure to get a high quality player who will help this team for years to come.  Or will they…??? Continue reading »

Mar 232015


The Edmonton are almost finished another awful season and will finish nowhere near the playoff cut line yet again.  The team still has a ton of holes and your guess is as good as mine as to how Craig Mactavish plans on filling all the major holes.  While thinking about how he is going to fill the glaring holes on his perennial bottom feeder of a team I wondered to myself.. What the f was Mact’s plan going into this season? Continue reading »

Mar 172015


The Edmonton Oilers ended yet another losing skid last night against the lowly Toronto Maple Leafs who appear to be limping to the finish.  The Leafs pulled an Oilers in the first period where Jonathan Bernier let in 3 of 4 shots and was promptly pulled.  The game was over half way through the first period.  I know the Oilers are a bad hockey club but wow did the Leafs look worse last night. Continue reading »

Mar 042015



Edmonton Oilers General Manager Craig Mactavish met the media after the trade deadline and as usual he was quite chatty.  As a fan it’s great to hear him speak so often and in such detail but he I’m sure the higher ups aren’t too happy with many a word that comes out of his mouth.  This year’s post deadline media availability was as expected but a few things stuck out to me that irked me and made me think…Mact is either lying to us or he’s an idiot! Continue reading »

Mar 032015

Koper U of A Golden Bears

An interesting debate (well, I find it interesting)- I’ve decided that I have no idea what is going to set off a debate. I was at the University of Alberta Golden Bears playoff game versus the UBC Thunderbirds this past Friday and I tweeted, “Value for money and atmosphere, the @GBHKY Bears #Oilers hands down. @RustyKnuckler @danoilersaddict @nielsonTSN1260.” The tweet kind of read funny, but what I meant to write was, “the @GBHKY Bears beat the #Oilers hands down.” Regardless the tweet sparked a debate I would have never guessed.  Continue reading »

Feb 192015


The Edmonton Oilers won again last night against the struggling Boston Bruins in a lengthy shootout down at Rexall Place.  I was lucky enough to go to the game and it was actually entertainment which was a nice change to many a game that I’ve been to this season.  The building wasn’t dead, there were goals, chances and it was a fun night out with friends. Continue reading »

Feb 122015


1.  The Edmonton Oilers came out with a survey on ticket pricing at Rogers Place and boy oh boy did it cause a stir.  Possible massive price increases made a ton of Oiler fans lose their mind for a couple days.  I’m of the opinion that this was yet another play so that when the new building opens up with increases not quite a big as the survey suggests, that it won’t seem that bad.  That’s just me though… Continue reading »

Jan 282015


The Edmonton Oilers lost yet again last night to the Minnesota Wild and they simply did it to themselves.  They didn’t get unlucky or run in to a hot goalie.  They simply made two horrific turnovers that both ended up in the back of their net.  I have been saying for a couple years that they will learn to limit these mistakes but I am clearly wrong because Jordan Eberle and Nail Yakupov should have fugured it out by now. Continue reading »

Jan 212015


The Edmonton Oilers have now won two games in a row for the first time in way too long and there are actually topics of discussion around town.  The team appears to be playing better under Todd Nelson and maybe just maybe there’s a glimmer of hope for us fans who have had to suffer the humiliation of being an Oilers fans year after year after year. Continue reading »


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