Feb 192015


The Edmonton Oilers won again last night against the struggling Boston Bruins in a lengthy shootout down at Rexall Place.  I was lucky enough to go to the game and it was actually entertainment which was a nice change to many a game that I’ve been to this season.  The building wasn’t dead, there were goals, chances and it was a fun night out with friends. Continue reading »

Feb 122015


1.  The Edmonton Oilers came out with a survey on ticket pricing at Rogers Place and boy oh boy did it cause a stir.  Possible massive price increases made a ton of Oiler fans lose their mind for a couple days.  I’m of the opinion that this was yet another play so that when the new building opens up with increases not quite a big as the survey suggests, that it won’t seem that bad.  That’s just me though… Continue reading »

Jan 282015


The Edmonton Oilers lost yet again last night to the Minnesota Wild and they simply did it to themselves.  They didn’t get unlucky or run in to a hot goalie.  They simply made two horrific turnovers that both ended up in the back of their net.  I have been saying for a couple years that they will learn to limit these mistakes but I am clearly wrong because Jordan Eberle and Nail Yakupov should have fugured it out by now. Continue reading »

Jan 212015


The Edmonton Oilers have now won two games in a row for the first time in way too long and there are actually topics of discussion around town.  The team appears to be playing better under Todd Nelson and maybe just maybe there’s a glimmer of hope for us fans who have had to suffer the humiliation of being an Oilers fans year after year after year. Continue reading »

Jan 132015


The 30th place Edmonton Oilers head into St. Louis to play one of the National Hockey League’s best teams and have little to no chance of winning.  The Blue under head coach Ken Hitchcock play with great defensive structure and the Oiler like to turn pucks over.  The combination of both is a recipe for disaster.  Look to see the Blues with numerous odd man rushes with a minimum of 3 or 4 ending up in the Oilers net.  I don’t think I even want to watch tonight as a surging Blues should dominate the entire game. Continue reading »

Jan 082015


1. The Edmonton Oilers look like they have promoted Bob Green to oversee the scouting. Once again the Oilers hired from within and didn’t interview anybody at all. That is brutal!!! Don’t you think it could be beneficial to interview 20 hockey guys and even if you only asked them a couple questions? “What are you thoughts and what would you do differently?” But of course the Oilers did not do that. They never do that and it blows my mind! Continue reading »

Jan 062015

This post will be a refreshing one… as likely I will have a tonne of opposition, as right now in Edmonton, everyone is a GM and everyone is the Coach.

Yakipov.  Lets compare.  2 places we can do so is Stamkos, and then Galchenyuk, as Ryan Murray is only in his first true year.

So Galchenyuk plays this year with Paciorette & Gallagher… and he gets 1st line powerplay minutes and he has 3 year point total with the same games of 85 points and 32 goals..

weird.. yak has 32 goals but only 64 points…. he must suck, right?

Stamkos was 141 points in roughly the same games…. yak must suck.  wait or is stamkos just better, and played top line minutes?

nope first overall should all be killing it…  yak sucks…

ok, ….

Nuge has 104 points in similar games….  

lets compare him to crosby – 147… wait. … thats not fair… Nuge is good.  While i agree Nuge is good,  i would go as far and say best on the team and should be future captain. But many thought he was a bust last year due to his stats.  what if Nuge played 3/4 line minutes and with players that are AHL grinders… would last year have made him the player we are priviledged to see today?


Ok.  my point.  my point is that whether we keep yak, get rid of him.. or teach him, whatever you are going to do, he is not going to learn how to do it on the third line.  the worst third line, on the worst NHL team since his first day in the league.

Maybe – just maybe – we never have given him a fair chance.  for those who replied, nope he sucks… go watch a game live, lower bowl and see his heart, see his passion, and see he has no one to play with, and not much direction.  Perron played with him.. ok likely the biggest baby, and cancer i have ever seen in an oiler jersey.. dont get me started how selfish he was and how he helped no one…. dont believe me… why diud St Louis get rid of him, then the oilers, both for “maybe’s” in the NHL?.  But now YAK plays with Lander and Purcell…. Throw Hall with Lander and Purcell with 12 minutes a game and limited O-zone faceoffs, lets see his next 20 games numbers.

Weird, that when Nuge, Pouliot, and Yak played together when Hall was hurt, they dominated and excelled…. 

Long story short, would I trade a number 1 for anything less than a number 1 back.. no.  Would I spend the next year working with him, giving him 2nd line minutes and 1st or 2nd powerplay time, and giving him o-zone face offs, and timely shifts.  Yes.  You need scoring, well ignite a natural scorer. Ok, maybe he wasnt ranked 1… so what he was ranked 2 or 3 then?  boo hoo. 

everyone has given up on him… where i have never seen him get a chance.  when does he play in the OT… or last 5 when we need a goal.  whens the last true powerplay time he has gotten.  what players with a proven top 6 has he played with for atleast a 10 game stretch.

the kid may not be my favourite, but he has heart, he is trying… he can shoot.. and he can score, he hits and he cares and mostly from what i see, he has a passion for the gam. 

Point the kid in the right direction, and most importantly give him the right tools.  worst case he fails.. we are already out.  best case he succeeds and we trade him for more..


unless this is from the top… on contract year, trying to get a player at a discount, and for that i would applaud… players are getting too greedy.










(Where is Ference… traded at the draft as it is time to hand the C to 93)


sorry im not sorry













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Dec 112014


The Edmonton Oilers lost another game making it 17 losses in their last 20 games. A lot of the problems that haunt this team happened yet again last night. They certainly have cut down on the number of ridiculously bad turnovers but the ones I do make continue to end up in the back of their net as we bared witness to yet again. Continue reading »

Dec 092014


The Edmonton Oilers broke their embarrassing losing streak two days ago against the San Jose Sharks who were at the tail end of a lot of hockey on not a lot of nights. The Oilers played well and only had a couple glaring mistakes which was a pleasant surprise to see. Continue reading »


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