Nov 262014


I want to preface this by saying I don’t have anything against any of the players I am mentioning. This is a very macro view of the team and I am going to make some assumptions that people may think are unrealistic, but nonetheless, I feel this is a fun discussion.


I was sitting with my father last night and I asked him a simple question about the Oilers: “Wouldn’t they be a better team if they blew it all up and assembled 21 random NHL players?” Now, he is usually very calculated with his responses to hockey questions but, he quickly responded: “They would have to be, wouldn’t they? At least be average?”

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Nov 242014


The Edmonton Oilers continue to be the laughing stock on the N.H.L. and I truly don’t know how much more I can take of watching the awful product that us fans pay through the teeth to watch. Owner Daryl Katz continues to sell out the building all while getting to hang out with his buddies so who knows if and when the worm will turn. Continue reading »

Nov 202014


The dreadful Edmonton Oilers are a woeful 6-11-2 this season and find ways to lose night in and night out. I watch the games and I cannot believe some of the bush league, amateur, men’s league mistakes that I watch this team do over and over and over again. It is extremely painful and I see no end in sight. Nobody gets benched. Nobody pays the piper. It’s just the same old every single night. Continue reading »

Nov 162014


I didn’t think we would be a playoff team this year. I didn’t. I thought we would be better than a lottery team and the season is still young, so that reality may still come to fruition. But…it is just more and more of the same and while I am trying to be optimistic that things are heading in the right direction, the striking feeling I keep getting is that the organization has some major flaws. I am not talking about the symptoms: a decade’s worth of poor goaltending, inability to execute game plans, free agent signing after free agent signing not panning out…etc… What I am talking about is the underlying core values and direction from the top that is leading to these symptoms. The way the organization is assembled is out of a comic book rather than any sort of business manual.

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Nov 142014


The Edmonton Oilers are back at it again with the roller coaster ride that is this team, losing two in a row and five of their last seven. The team has many holes and still has a longs way to go in order to compete on a nightly basis at the N.H.L. level. Continue reading »

Nov 072014

David Perron

The Edmonton Oilers are on another losing streak and the fan base are an angry bunch yet again. Fire the coach! Make a “bold” trade! Fire Lowe! The reality is that non of these are going to happen. Mact isn’t trading 93 or 4. 14 has a bum shoulder and 10’s value is pretty darn low. What is there really to trade other than their 2015 fisrt round pick…??? Continue reading »

Nov 042014


Our beloved Edmonton Oilers are struggling again of late. A couple losses in a row, an injury to their best player and a long road trip ahead make for nervous times for the players, the management and the fans. Being an Oilers fan throughout the rebuild is tough and we all know that anything could happen and if history tells us anything it’s that the Oilers are about to hit the road without their best player and a bunch of losses could be coming our way. I really hope I’m wrong but… Continue reading »

Oct 292014


Being an Edmonton Oiler fan is a tough thing. The season is barely under way and already us fans have dealt with the lowest of lows and the highest of highs. There was the horrible start and now a four game winning streak. Here are my random thoughts of late… Continue reading »

Oct 182014


As I sat in row 4 on opening night, I had an overwhelming sense of dread.

Four cloth canvas banners were suspended from the score board for the opening ‘show’. Three of them dropped when it was complete. The fourth, got stuck. It took a few staff to skate over and pull it down. It really wasn’t a big deal, but as I watched this, all I could think was: “awww man, were f*&ked.”

I turned to my friend as they were pulling it down and said, “Conner McDavid here we come.” He just nodded in complete agreement.

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