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The first round of the N.H.L. is now in the books and it has to be one of the best first rounds that I can remember!  The battles were incredible and the comebacks, overtime games and drama was just fantatsic!  Here is what I took out of the first round.

Nathan MacKinnon is a stud.  His compete and ability to make plays with speed is incredible and I truly feel he will be a top five NHLer for years and years and years.

Unless the Oilers toughen up they’ll never win anything in the playoffs. The games are so tough and the Oilers aren’t even close.  Every check gets finished and the battles in the corners and in front of the net are wars.  I love it!

Defense wins.  Now I know this isn’t shocking news but it just reiterates what we all know and that is if the young Oilers can figure out how to play defense they have a chance. 

Ray Ferraro is the best in the business.  I don’t know what his plans are in the future but I sure hope he scooped up by Rogers.  He is incredible at what he does and is by far and away the best personality in the game in my opinion. 

My favorite players of the first round were Nathan McKinnon, Ryan Getzlaf, Drew Doughty, Anze Kopitar, Duncan Keith and surprisingly… Brandon Sutter who was fantastic.  Tyson Berry was also excellent for the few games that he played.

Does every team do the same damn break out on the power play?  They get up to center, drop it to the man coming late, who either skates it in or moves it to the off wing.  How come nobody’s figured this out yet?  It’s not rocket science.

Ryan Getzlaf is one tough SOB.  Not only that, he is an absolute stud who dominates the game whenever he wants. 

Simplify. Everybody simplifies their game and I hope the Oilers are watching this and are noticing this because it is blatantly obvious.  There are no toe drags, no fancy plays and surely no backhand saucer passes up the middle.  Teams simply shoot the puck and go to the net. On the power play they get it to shooting position and fire it.  If they don’t have a play they chip it out.  The simple, smart plays work and work every time and the Oilers need to hurry up and learn this. 

Playoff hockey is simply the best.  I absolutely love watching the game being played at such a high level and with so much contact.  I can’t even imagine trying to do that every other day for two months.  It’s incredible the physical condition these players are in.  (Insert Dallas Eakins joke here)

I can’t wait to watch an Oilers playoff game!  I know it will happen and it will be great! 

Keep the Faith!!!



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