Apr 172017


Alright Oiler fans…Are the Edmonton Oilers actually for real???  Are we witnessing a team with great goaltending, solid defence, forward depth and team toughness??? Cam Talbot now has back to back shutouts and looks like he is the solid NHL goalie the Oilers have been looking for for years!  I heard during last nights game that one of the other teams executives who were in on the Talbot trade say that it was Glen Sather doing the Oilers one last favor which is awesome if it is in fact true.  Talbot has been fantastic all season and in the playoffs thus far.  I hope this quality goaltending is for real and continues for years to come!

How good does the Oilers defence look?  Larsson is playing even tougher than ever and continues to be that top pairing defenceman the team was lacking since the departure of Chris Pronger.  Yes I know Pronger was much better!  Klefbom has been steady as well through three games.  I was actually saying to Curtis today that Klefbom has been almost invisible.  He rarely makes mistakes and if I don’t notice him that means he’s playing simple, smart and obviously being very effective.  The Sekera/Russell pairing looks good with Sekera carrying Russell.  Russell does block a lot of shots but isn’t very effective at going back deep to retrieve pucks and making strong plays.  The third pairing looks a little lost at times but hey…they’re a third pairing and they’re both very inexperienced so that is to be expected.


The forward group looks tough, skilled and very like a Boston group of forwards that won the Cup.  Mcdavid’s line has been held in check thus far mostly due to an insanely passive trap by San Jose.  Next game watch where they are when McDavid is on the ice and the Oilers are setting up for a breakout.  There might be one forward over centre ice at the very most.  The other four players are between centre and their own blueline ready to defend defend and defend.  The Oilers second line looks fantastic and that is a great sign moving forward!  Secondary scoring is a must for this team and any successful playoff team.  Zach Kassian has been fantastic and the team needs this to continue for the next couple months!

So are witnessing a team with many more pieces of the puzzle or just a team that is getting lucky?  I see a team that can beat you any way you want. I see a team that can run and gun and I see a team that just grinded out a 1-0 road win last night.  This team is bigger, tougher and stronger than the opposition most nights and usually is faster as well.  I see a well-rounded team that can go far this playoffs.

Why can’t they win 4 out of every 7 games four times in a row???  They did it all year so why not now???

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I am a 12 year veteran at Remax Professionals. I am a diehard Oilers fan and avid golfer who is married with two wonderful boys. I am very lucky to have such a wonderful family.
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