Brody McIntyre

Brody McIntyre

I am a 12 year veteran at Remax Professionals. I am a diehard Oilers fan and avid golfer who is married with two wonderful boys. I am very lucky to have such a wonderful family.

Oilers go Duck Hunting in Anaheim

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Apr 262017


Round two starts tonight in Anaheim as the Edmonton Oilers take on the Anaheim Ducks which looks to make for an exciting, hard hitting, action packed series that I can’t wait so see unfold.  Both teams are big, aggressive and like to play a physical game.  This series is pretty much the opposite of the Oilers and Sharks series where the Sharks played a passive game trying not to wake up the Oilers bigger and stronger forwards.  As a fan it should make for more entertaining hockey as both teams will be pushing forward, finishing every check and trying to get under one another’s skin. Continue reading »

Random Oilers thoughts for Tuesday April 25th, 2017

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Apr 252017


Well the Edmonton Oilers knocked off the defending Western Conference Champions and now head back to California to take on the Anaheim Ducks in round two.  Sure the Sharks had some bad injuries to key players but you can only beat who is in front of you and Oilers did just that.  This should be a hard-fought series against a bigger and tougher Ducks team.  Both teams have size and both play a gritty style game so this could be a fantastic series for the fans to watch.  I expect to see a banging and crashing series and can not wait to see it unfold!!!  Here are my thoughts on the Oilers and from the first round: Continue reading »

Apr 192017


Last night the Edmonton Oilers were thoroughly embarrassed 7-0 in San Jose tying the series 2-2.  It started badly right from the outset.  Todd Mclellan put Connor Mcdavid on the ice for a defensive zone faceoff just 15 seconds into the game where he proceeded to lose the draw and the Sharks scored just seconds later.  It was all downhill from there.  I’m not one to criticize N.H.L. coaching but it seems odd to put Mcdavid out early for a dzone faceoff. Just an odd choice in my opinion. Continue reading »

Are the Oilers for real?

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Apr 172017


Alright Oiler fans…Are the Edmonton Oilers actually for real???  Are we witnessing a team with great goaltending, solid defence, forward depth and team toughness???  Continue reading »

Pounding the Edmonton Oilers kool-aid

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Apr 102017


The Edmonton Oilers are heading to the playoff for the first time since 2006 and Edmonton is abuzz.  The team is finally relevant and times are a changing.  I thought I would be uber positive and list reasons why the team is playoff bound and ready for success!thl1hxjt2w Continue reading »

Gapping issues in Anaheim cause the Oilers problems

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Mar 232017



Last night in Anaheim the Edmonton Oilers played arguably their biggest game of the season.  Stud goalie Cam Talbot had a rough night but no one should go hard on him as he has been a horse this year and played well almost every night.  He’s allowed to have an off night.  The real reason the Oilers lost , in my opinion, is because they decided not to gap up…on every single goal.  Let’s break it down goal by goal. Continue reading »

Random Thoughts- Edmonton Oilers March 6th, 2017

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Mar 062017
  1. random-thoughtsIt is now March 3rd and the Edmonton Oilers are legit.  They currently sit 2nd in the Pacific division, 9th in the entire N.H.L. and 10pts up on a playoff spot!  I can’t even believe those are real numbers but they are and I for one am thrilled!!!  I can’t imagine the last time the Oilers had numbers like those.  It’s incredible the growth this team has shown in one season!
  2. The N.H.L. trade deadline has come and gone and the Oilers actually added to their team!  Depth centreman David Desharnais was brought in to help solidify the centre ice position.  Sure he has had a rough season and is small but he still makes the team better.  His last three seasons he has 29 in 65, 48 in 82 and 52 in 79 for a 0.57 points per game average.  Worst case is the Oilers added a depth centre who can move up and down the line up as needed and should be able to help out on the second powerplay unit.
  3. Losing Brandon Davidson isn’t that big a deal in all reality even though some Oilers fans want to believe it.  Sure he looked good last season but that is not saying much as the Oilers backend was an A.H.L. corpse.  Of course he looked good if you consider who the other 5 defencemen were.  Now that the team has an actual defence Davidson was a 7-8 guy on the team.  He wasn’t going to play ahead of Klefbom, Sekera or Nurse so they decided to move him.   I wish him luck but it won’t effect the Oilers moving forward one bit.
  4. Are we done with the Hall for Larsson trade yet?  Larsson plays tough minutes and is second in plus/minus on the team at +18 and first is some guy named McDavid.  Larsson has been exellent and he is only getting better!  This trade looks better and better by the day and it’s time for the Hall fans to get over it.
  5. The Oilers really need to improve their penalty kill.  Other than that the team is playing well and primed for success in the playoffs.  They have solid goaltending, an N.H.L. defence and all the tools up front.  Their powerplay is good as well.  If they can fix their PK look out!!!
  6. Why can’t the Oilers win 4 games in 7?  They have done it all year so why can’t they keep up that pace?  I believe!!!
  7. Wouldn’t it be great to see an Oilers vs Flames playoff series???  It would be fantastic and I really hope it happens!!!

Continue reading »


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