Sep 222013

Jujhar Khaira

Jujhar Khaira to Nail Yakupov, Scores! And other thoughts from last night- It is always a treat to watch the Oilers beat the Canucks, even a the glorified AHL version which lined up against the Oil last night. Sedins? nope. Kelser and Burrows? Nowhere to be found. Luongo? Probably still trying to figure out how he is still on the West Coast. Make no mistake, this is a game that the Oilers, who had most of their stars in the lineup, should have won. However, the enjoyment is the same. Especially since Nail Yakupov, who is quickly becoming one of the most entertaining Oilers to watch, was again flying around the ice and shooting from everywhere. He was also setup on his goal on a sweet feed from Jujhar Khaira- a player who is starting to get excite. Continue reading »

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Sep 212013

University of Alberta Golden Bears Logo

Hockey fan versus an Oiler fan and the U of A Golden Bears- I’ve always described myself as a hockey fan first and an Oiler fan second. If good hockey is being played, I can watch it even though I don’t have an emotional investment in the outcome of the game. However, that claim was challenged last spring when I attended a University of Alberta Golden Bear playoff game. A buddy had invited me to go and I hadn’t been in the Claire Drake Arena in over a decade. What I witnessed was some of the most entertaining hockey (NHL included) I had seen in a long time – I was actually embarrassed I hadn’t been to see the Bears since the Swiss Miss, Michel Riesen, lead the Oilers rookie squad against the Bears in the fall of 1997. I can’t claim to be a hockey fan first if I am letting the second highest level of hockey being played in the city to go unnoticed. That is right- I stated the second highest level of hockey being played in the city. The Bears would have the Oil Kings for a quick supper and then ask what was for dessert.

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Sep 202013

Darnell Nurse

Should Darnell Nurse be on the Oilers this season?- Yesterday, I left a comment on one of Brody’s posts (Thoughts from last night)  where I stated the following regarding Darnell Nurse:

I don’t think (Nurse) is on this team past possibly a few games to start the season. Not because he isn’t good enough, but because there is no need to rush him. However, if it means Grebeshkov doesn’t make the team, I’m all for it. That guy is a human grenade launcher.

To which Curtis replied:

I hate the whole: don’t rush them argument. These kids have been preparing for this for their whole lives. It’s different with forwards. They don’t get better playing smaller roles against better competition. It hurts their confidence and skill development. Not the case with d men.

It seems that Nurse’s great preseason performance against the Canucks has many fans buzzing and calling for him to be included in the 2013-14 edition of the Edmonton Oilers. Should he be? Continue reading »

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Sep 192013

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

The Nuge’s New Deal- If you are a die-hard Oilers fan, you’ve probably already heard that the Edmonton Oilers announced today that they have signed Ryan Nugent-Hopkins to a 7 year contract extension for $42 million dollars.   So the Nuge gets the same $6 million dollar cap hit as Hall and Eberle- not exactly surprising. What may surprise you is that RNH will out earn me in the next seven years (by a significant margin). I know, I know, I write blogs that get tens of hits and I sell parking equipment and you would think that would vault me into ‘PLAYA’ status. Sadly, it does not. However, after what has seemed a lifetime of watching players develop in the Orange and Blue and leave for richer pastures, I am elated that the Oilers are holding onto their blue chips and building a solid core. Continue reading »

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Sep 132013
Sam Gagner smushed by Andrew Ference

Sam Gagner smushed by Andrew Ference

Quickly at Edmonton Oilers Training Camp- I had a meeting this morning at the airport and another one scheduled near downtown for early this afternoon and about an hour and a half in between to kill. I thought to pass some time, I should have a look at the Oilers’ training camp which took place earlier today at the Millennium Place in Sherwood Park. I was more than a little surprised when I arrived to find no parking; I initially thought there was no way there could be this many Oilers’ fans willing to watch a practice, but discovered on entry that there was a women’s show scheduled for the same time. However, it was standing room only for the drills taking place on the north sheet of ice. I wasn’t willing to shove my way in to see and since I only had limited time, I made my way to the high tables at on the other side of the glass on the west end of the south rink. That sheet was vacant at the time. I resigned myself to catching up on some emails on my tablet and then heading to my next meeting. I got lucky, 15 minutes after I sat down, the Oilers moved to the south rink for a 15 minute scrimmage and I had a front row seat.

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Sep 102013
Anton Belov

Anton Belov

Will the Oilers make the playoffs? I started off my day as I always do- reading three different blogs. I start with Oilers Nation, switch to the Edmonton Journal’s Cult of Hockey, and then finish with a scan through Spector’s Hockey. What caught my eye today wasn’t a post, but rather the heated exchanges in the comments section of a post. In his post from yesterday, titled, ‘Camp Primer: The Way I See It,’  Robin Brownlee picked the Oilers to fall short of the playoffs. This caused him to get blasted by some angry readers.

The question I have is it really that unreasonable to expect/suggest the Oilers to miss the playoffs again? No, it isn’t and for some fans to get really bent out of shape because someone who is paid to cover the team feels this is the case is more than a little ridiculous. The Oilers have too many of the same issues which caused them to miss the playoffs last season.

Lets have a look at the weaknesses from last season: Continue reading »

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Aug 292013

226px-Poster_of_Alexander_Crystal_Seer 2013-14, Edmonton Oiler Scoring Predictions: I was looking into getting tickets for this weekend’s Edmonton Oil Kings Preseason Invitational tournament in St. Albert when it occurred to me hockey season is finally upon us. I have had an extremely busy summer with both work and home and somehow the reality that summer was almost over had escaped my perception. I have attended at least a game of every Oil Kings Preseason Invitational in the past and it has become a late summer ritual.

Another late summer ritual has been attempting to predict scoring for the Edmonton Oilers for the new season. It started in 2007 when I would circulate my predictions amongst friends and continued when the 1st iteration of Oilers Addict launched in 2010. I have used the same basic method over the years, with a few refinements. The basic methodology is:

*  I look at the Point-Per-Game average for each roster player over the past three seasons. I only use a three season sample as, in my view, it gives a better indication of where the player is in terms of production right now and helps to identify trends. In the case of young players where they haven’t played three NHL seasons, I look at any NHL production and their most recent production in lower leagues.

*  I also use a comparable player. Using these comparisons doesn’t mean that I feel, for example, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Jonathan Toews are similar players in terms of their style or their development. What is comparable is that they are both centres who were drafted in similar positions (1st & 3rd overall) to Western Conference teams. I use these comparable players as a sort of ‘check’ on my predictions (i.e. what is reasonable). I have found that they use of comparable players help tame the fan and introduce some reason.

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Jul 312013

Ryan Smyth

What about Ryan Smyth? Ryan Smyth was a first round pick for the Oilers in the 1994 NHL Entry Draft (#6 overall), but he wasn’t their first choice in that draft- that honor went to Jason Bonsignore at #4. The Oilers pick of Smyth eased the pain of the Bonsignore selection (the original #64 was last seen running a small amusement park somewhere in New York state). What followed was a career for Smyth which weaved through 17 NHL seasons- most of which were for the Edmonton Oilers. The 2013-14 NHL season represents the last season of Smyth’s current contract and after 2 goals in 47 games last season, how will the Oilers elder statesman be used this fall? Will this season be his last? Should it? Continue reading »

Jul 302013

Philip Larsen

Better know a new Oiler: Philip Larsen- With my last few posts centred around newcomers to the Oilers organization, Will Acton and Jesse Joensuu, I was reminded of one of my favourite segments of the  Colbert ReportBetter know a district. Like the last few items I have posted, this article will surround Philip Larsen who was acquired from Dallas in the Shawn Horcoff trade. Is Larsen actually part of GM Craig Mactavish’s plan for the future or is he a simple ‘must take back’ like Aaron Johnson was when he was the player the Oilers received for Steve Staios a few years ago? Continue reading »

Jul 252013

Jesse Joensuu

The unknown big man: Jesse Joensuu- One of the early signings this off-season for GM Craig Mactavish was a relatively unknown player from the Islanders organization, Jesse Joensuu. I say ‘unknown’ as it is doubtful few outside of the most hardcore NHL fans and observers would have any idea who Jesse Joensuu is or even seen him play. However, at 6’4″ and 210lbs, he does add much needed size to the Oilers forward ranks. Is he a big league player or minor league stop gap?

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