Mar 142017


  1. The Edmonton Oilers fans are a funny bunch.  Some are still on board and know the playoffs are pretty much a lock and others are scared sh#%less and think the sky is falling!  I actually heard a guy on TSN1260 yesterday say he doesn’t think the team will win another game this year. lol.  The panic has set in around town and I get it.  I really do get it.  The fans have been witness to the Oilers being terrible for years and bad things happening way too often.  But the reality is that this is a different than before and that this team has a 96.8% chance of making the playoffs.  96.8%!!! They are going to make the playoffs!!!  I get why a lot of fans are extremely worried and scared that the team is going to blow this but…they’re not.  It would be almost impossible for them to miss.  I repeat…The Oilers are going to make the playoffs!!!
  2.  I will say this to the fans who think the sky is falling.  The Oilers lost in a shootout to an elite Pittsburgh Penguins team and then lost on a fluke goal to the surging Montreal Canadians.  Sure they only got one point but they were in both games and could easily have won both.
  3. The Oilers play a bad Dallas Stars team tonight.  Then they get the Boston Bruins next, who they haven’t lost to since the arrival of Peter Chiarelli. After that they get the Vancouver Canucks.  So by Saturday night the Oilers just could be ahead of both the Ducks and Flames.  The team has 17 games remaining, 8 on the road and 9 at home.  They play the Canucks three times and Colorado twice.  Their schedule isn’t that tough so they should be able to bank some points and easily get in to the playoffs.  I am not worried one bit.
  4. I heard it discussed on TSN1260 that maybe Peter Chiarelli sent a bad message to the team in saying that he didn’t think the team was a contender and wouldn’t be adding large pieces at the deadline.  I don’t believe for one second that an Ivy league scholar and a Stanley Cup winning General Manager said those things without talking to his team first and telling him what he actually thinks, what the plan is and why the plan is what it is.  There is just no way he would send that negative message to the team.  He’s too smart to do that in my opinion.
  5. More on the fans…I think it’s humorous that some fans think replacing Draisaitl on the first line with Puljujarvi.  Ya let’s replace a guy who has had a great season playing with 97 with an 18 year old playing in the minors.  That makes a lot of sense. lol
  6. I see nothing wrong with mucking up the lines as this seems to happen with regularity.  I enjoy listening to people’s opinions on who they would like to see play together.  My opinion on the lines is I wouldn’t touch the Nuge, Lucic and Eberle line as they are finally providing secondary scoring.
  7. Lucic looks like he is settling in to Edmonton and I’ve liked his game lately.  He should finish the season with 20+ goals which is what he generally does.  The last three seasons he has had 20,18 and 24 goal seasons so he is right on track with career averages.  Lucic has 7 points in his last 10 games so he’s trending in the right direction as well.  I can’t wait to see him in the playoffs!!!
  8. All the talk of Cam Talbot getting tired has gone away of late I’ve noticed.  He clearly can handle the work load and looks solid night in and night out.  I have ZERO worries that he is going to get worn out and I’m sure he will get some rest near the end of the season once the Oilers have clinched a playoff spot.
  9. Darnell Nurse has sure impressed me coming back from injury.  He still looks a little rusty at times but considering how long he was out I am quite impressed with his play.  He is another Oilers that I’m pumped to watch in the playoffs.  I think once he learns to chill out on the ice and learns to slow his game down a bit that his game will take a huge step forward.  I would think that playing meaningful games the rest of the way and some playoff games will help his drastically.  I think next season he is a solid second pairing defenceman on this team.
  10. On the other end of the spectrum is Kris Russell.  He needs to pick up his game as I haven’t liked his game of late.
  11. Does Benoit Pouliot plan on chipping in this season?  The team could really use him stepping up and helping out moving forward.  Come on Pouliot!!!  Let’s go!!!
  12. Zach Kassian has really impresses me this season as a fourth liner.  He is noticeable every game and plays his role well in my opinion.  I would like the Oilers to extend him at say two years and $4 million total.
  13. David Desharnais has played well as well since coming to Edmonton. He has a couple points so far in his four games and looks like a nice fit on the third line.  He is a smart player who is an excellent passer.
  14. It’s March 14th today and the Oilers play a meaningful game tonight.  Not only that but us fans will be scoreboard watching to see if the Coyotes and Sabres can help the Oilers out.  Enjoy it fans!!!  We deserve it!!!
  15. Keep the Faith!!!
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