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The Edmonton Oilers are growing right in front of our eyes whether you want to believe it or not. I get that the Oilers fan base has been beaten down and are scared to believe. They’re scared to believe because they don’t want to be hurt yet again. I get it I really do. But… this team is growing.

The game against the Red Wings was a perfect example. At 2-1 many fans we thinking, “Well this is where the Oilers blow it.” Well they didn’t. Instead a team playing on back to back nights, with a back up goalie and playing without Kassian, JP, Russell, Davidson, Fayne and Hendricks actually won. This team buckled down and gritted out a victory. GROWTH!!!

I like that this team isn’t a one trick pony either. They’ve won games with goaltending, with strong team defence, by running and gunning and by playing tougher hockey than the opponent. This team is not only winning but they’re winning in different types of ways. GROWTH!!!

When is the last time you saw a backhand sauce up the middle? When is the last time you saw a terrible turnover just inside their own blueline? When is the last time you saw a toe drag at the offensive blueline that didn’t work and went back the other way? GROWTH!!!

When the lines were struggling coach Mclennan changed up the lines. What did the team do? They showed up to the next game, played well and won a hockey game. Then they won the next one. That shows me that this team is a more cohesive team that in past seasons. GROWTH!!!

Remember when teams would run the Oilers show and embarrass them physically??? I remember numerous times watching¬†one Oiler being surrounded by two or three opposing players and no one would come help…ever… Have you seen that once this season? I sure haven’t. GROWTH!!!

The Oilers are growing right in front of us whether you want to believe it or not. The signs are everywhere!!! The team is a team and is playing like one. The future looks good finally in Edmonton and guess what…??? The future is now!!!


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Brody McIntyre
I am a 12 year veteran at Remax Professionals. I am a diehard Oilers fan and avid golfer who is married with two wonderful boys. I am very lucky to have such a wonderful family.
Brody McIntyre

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  2 Responses to “Growth!!!”

  1. Thx, for some positivity ___ this article capsulizes what could be evolving here; a winning team with a winning attitude! This didn’t happen overnite; the new management pretty much took the bull by the horns & instituted certain changes previous management was afraid or unwilling to do; shore up a leaky porous D & saturate the roster with ‘big bodies’ like Patrick Maroon or Zack Kassian; people ur not gonna intimidate. I think more changes are coming, but not as painful as the ‘taylor hall’ deal ___!

  2. Hall deal is looking great no???


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