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The Edmonton Oilers are now half way thru their 6 game road trip and have a whopping 1 point to show for it.  Ouch!   From what I`ve seen the Oilers have been in every game and awful goaltending is deflating the team at critical times, letting in muffins at the worst time, causing loss after loss after loss.  The team certainly isn`t getting outplayed for the most part.   They are out shooting the opponents on most nights, keeping it close, and then another muffin and the team loses.   The team just can`t catch a break with their goaltending.   A few times I`ve noticed, the Oilers have all the momentum and then an awful goal goes in against them and all that momentum is instantly gone.   Come on goalies!   Time to turn it around!   If the Oilers get even average goaltending moving forward, the team will be fine and win more games than they lose.   Sure, they could use a stud dman or a power forward but what team couldn`t use those pieces…???   The Oilers have a good enough team and once the goaltending turns around so will the record.


The rumor mill is in full force regarding the Oilers and names are popping up quicker than Tiger Wood`s mistresses did.   Last night on TSN`s Insider Trading it was mentioned that general manager Craig Mactavish is working the phones with names like Ryan Miller and Jonas Hiller being bandied about.   Darren Dregor also stated the Oiler management is discussing which core piece they may consider trading.   I did laugh when I heard that because I just can`t see them moving any of the kids unless it`s a number one dman or stud goalie coming back the other way, which is incredibly difficult to believe.

The other rumor is that the Oilers and Flyers are discussing a trade.   Brayden Coburn`s name has popped up again.   Both teams are struggling mightily so the fact that this rumor is alive shouldn`t be a real shocker to anyone.   I do find it humorous that when teams are struggling, the rumors are that the teams want to trade their best players.   Makes no sense to me.




Let`s just say for fun that the Oilers were going to trade one of Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle or Nail Yakupov, what would be the best core piece to move…???   I believe Mactavish could get a lot in return for all of them but if I was GM and HAD to move one it wouldn`t even be close to me.   I would move Eberle, then Yakupov, then Hall, then Nuge.   Based on pedigree alone, Eberle would be the guy to move.   Number one picks, particularly forwards,  almost always turn out to be great players so moving any of them would be the last piece I`d be moving if I was Mact.  

Keep The Faith!!!


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  8 Responses to “Oiler Rumblings”

  1. trade YAK !!! more return than eberle and we get to keep our Canadian core!

  2. Patrick Stefan, Rick Dipietro, Alexandre Daigle….

  3. I actually said forwards. Other than Stefan, the last first overall picks that were forwards were—– Nathan MacKinnon, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Taylor Hall, John Tavares, Steven Stamkos, Patrick Kane, Sidney Crosby, Alexander Ovechkin, Rick Nash, Ilya Kovalchuk, Vincent Lecavalier and Joe Thornton. Yakupov WILL be a stud. He’s 19.

  4. I actually don’t mind Jdud’s theory though

  5. I think trading Yak would be a huge mistake. The guy has 40+ goal potential and the team hasn’t had one of those in forever.

  6. Alex Daigle wasn’t a forward? Pretty sure he was actually. I hope as much as anyone that Yak turns into the 40 G scorer we all want but for the first 25 games last season the kid looked awful and so far this season he looks awful as well. I dont mean just kind of bad but actually awful. I really liked what i saw at the end of last season and Yak’s enthusiasm for the game but there is no denying his numerous shortcomings this season thus far.

  7. I stopped at Stefan. I figured that was a large enough sample size. 🙂 I hope Yakupov turns into a 40 goal guy as well. I believe he will grow as a player and will fix those shortcomings, becoming the star player all of Edmonton is hoping for.

  8. If the rumours out there are true with yak and smid going one way and coburn couturier and Simmons coming back, how do you say no to that!? I’d take that yesterday. Character and size, especially down the middle and and the back end. Our prayers are answered. Then wait until the offseason to nab miller or a free agent goalie worthy of the dollars. Still no rush as the core isn’t old enough to compete for the cup just yet.


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