Jan 182017

Deep-Thoughts-Hulu1.  It is now Wednesday January 18th, 2017 and the Edmonton have now played 46 games.  They sit 2nd in the Pacific division, 7 points up on the wild card spot and 9th in the entire league.  I know that Oilers fans have been hurt in the past and that it is hard to believe in this organization but… it is time to believe!!!  This team is for real.  The stats above are real and this team is actually a good team!  They may not be great but 9th out of 30th is pretty damn good!  


2.  I hate when the naysayers say, “Well if we didn’t have Connor McDavid this team would be terrible!”  Who the f#@k cares???  The Oilers do have Connor Mcdavid and will for years to come!  Of course the team would be worse without him?  What team wouldn’t be much worse without their star???  Makes no sense to me.

3.  So this team is 9th in the entire league all without much in the way of depth scoring.  Eberle, Nuge and Pouliot are having off seasons and the team is still doing well.  What is this team going to look like once at least two of them get going… and make no mistake both Nuge and Eberle will get going.  I actually believe that Nuge has played well.  Other than the last 7(ish) games Nuge has been asked to play a shutdown role most nights.  Eberle is about to break out.  He has been good the last couple/few games and is due to start scoring.

4.  Enough with the Lucic is playing shitty already.  He is not here to get 80 points and beat someone up every game.  He is here to make this team tougher to play against, for his leadership and to help this team compete in the playoffs.  In 2014-2015 Lucic had 44 points in 81 games for a 0.54 ppg.  In 2015-2016 he had 55 points in 81 games for a 0.68 ppg.  This season he has 27 points in 46 games for a 0.59 ppg.  So he is doing exactly what he does.  Lay off already and let him be.  He is here for many reasons and scoring 80 points is not one of them.

5.  How good has Sekera been this year??!!  He has been excellent in my opinion and helps solidify the backend.  Larsen has been very good as well.  He is more physical than I thought, very calm out there and can eat up a bunch of minutes.  He is still young and will only get better.  Finally the Oilers defence looks like an NHL defence!

6.  What a nice change it is to have solid NHL caliber goal-tending.  The Calgary game last Saturday is the exact reason why he was desperately needed.  In the first period he made three excellent saves that kept the team in the game.  In years past one of two of those go in and the team is chasing, probably losing that game.


7.  It is so nice watching the Oilers forward group use their size!  They can cycle the puck, stick up for one another and dominate physically night in and night out.  I was at the New Jersey game and remember two distinct times this happened.  Once was when the puck was frozen by Schneider and there was a bit of a scrum at the side of the net.  Two New Jersey players grabbed two Oilers.  Lucic was high and came in to the scrum.  The second he got even close both Devils players let go of the Oilers players and the scrum was over.  The second was when Hall elbowed Kassian.  Kassian literally chased him down and let him know that was not acceptable.  It was awesome!!!

8.  Rogers Place is so damn quiet it boggles my mind.  The in-house entertainment is terrible.  I was at the Battle of Alberta game and it was finally a Battle of Alberta that actually mattered for the first time in years!  You would think there would be plenty of opportunity to show clips of past battles.  I didn’t see any Fuhr grade A saves.  I didn’t see Messier crosschecking Otto on a faceoff clips.  I didn’t see Brown beating the crap out of anybody.  What I did see is the camera pan 84687 times to the crowd where fans waved, cheered and high-fived.  It is almost unbelievable how bad the entertainment is.  Hopefully it will improve over time but it is very bad in my humble opinion.

9.  Oilers are going to pump the Panthers tonight 5-1!!!

10.  Keep the Faith!!!  This team is actually good.  It is time for ALL fans to believe it and get on board!!!

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  1. 5-1 Oilers…..LOL. they were lucky they even won that game in OT. Oilers need to start playing 60 Minutes a game every game. When we learn this they will become a better team but right now it ain’t happening.


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