Nov 072016


The Edmonton Oilers are growing right in front of our eyes whether you want to believe it or not. I get that the Oilers fan base has been beaten down and are scared to believe. They’re scared to believe because they don’t want to be hurt yet again. I get it I really do. But… this team is growing. Continue reading »

Nov 072016

The Oilers sit atop the Pacific division after two back-to-back road wins. They hold a 5 point lead over the second place Anaheim Ducks and are one of the only two teams with a positive goal differential. The Sharks have lost 3 in a row and after two wins in a row the Kings are tied for third in the division. The Oilers have one more road game against the defending Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins. They have collected 5 points in four games and are heading in the right direction.9622225-connor-mcdavid-nhl-st-louis-blues-edmonton-oilers-850x560 Continue reading »

Oct 272016


The Edmonton Oilers won a big game last night against the Washington Capitals in a game I didn’t think they could win. The Caps are favored by many to be a Cup contender while the Oilers are…well…the Oilers. They WERE the laughing stock of the league for way too many years. But that was then and this is now! Continue reading »

Oct 212016

I made a bet last night with someone last night who is still mad about the Hall trade and critical of the Russell signing. I bet that Lucic would get more points than Hall this season. Do I really think that’s the best bet I have ever made? No, not at all. It was a total fanboy bet – you know why? Because I am a fan. I like to play pretend GM and when the Oilers had 374 glaring holes it was easy. No team is complete and the moves Chia has made, while widely polarizing, have provided a more complete team.


Continue reading »

Oct 112016


The 2016-2017 Edmonton Oilers season is about to begin and as usual there is plenty of optimism yet plenty of questions to be asked. The off-season brought about plenty of change but will it help…only time will tell. I aksed friends the following questions and here’s what they had to say

What is your prediction for the opening night roster?

Derek: Mcdavid eberle Lutic klefbom Larson start. The rest of the roster seems fairly reliance on who is back from injury so I am unsure.

Curtis: Lucic McDavid Ebs
Pouliot RNH Draisaitl
Maroon Caguilla Versteeg
Pitlick Letestu Kassian

Klefbom Larsson
Sekera Russell
Nurse Fayne

Brody: I have the exact same line up as Curtis

Is Drake Caguilla a good enough option as third line centre?

Derek: Yes. He has hockey iq and is fast. Playing low minutes and 82 games will be his transition concern (from likely 35 games and 20 minutes

Curtis: Yes – will surprise

Brody: No. He played mostly wing in College and is a huge question mark! I can’t see him being good enough.

Is the defence improved enough to be competitive is the tough Western Conference?

Derek: No. We are lacking that offensive defence that can make that transition out of the zone. Klefbom looks great. Let’s hope I am wrong

Curtis: It’s close but not quite there – need one more guy – can we snag Bieksa?

Brody: It’s improved but average at best. Russell and Sekera are basically the same player. Both undersized and very average. Klefbom as a top pairing guy scares me. What’s he done to prove he can be that guy??? I can’t see this group being good enough night in and night out in the extremely tough Western Conference.

What are your thoughts on the Yak trade?

Derek: I’ve heard enough about every team and his own country comments that he is not team player. The gm must have made a locker room decision not a value decision for the team.

Curtis: What are your thoughts on my lunch from Thursday?

Brody: Who cares. Yak’s hockey IQ isn’t there and he was never going to succeeed here. Addisiton by subtraction.

How many points does Mcdavid get?

Derek: 70. I bet he gets injured

Curtis: 109

Brody: 85

How much $$$ and term does Versteeg get?

Derek: 1 year 1.8M

Curtis: $1.5 x 2

Brody: One year and $1.5

Do the Oilers make the playoffs?

Derek: Sadly no.

Curtis: If they are in the hunt at the deadline, yes, because Chia makes some moves.
If they are not, no.

Brody: Sadly no. I think they’ll be close in February but not close enough.

Sep 012016


The 2016-2017 is just around the corner and the Edmonton Oilers look to finally make some headway in the league after years and years of being the laughing-stock of the league. I believe the team will be much better and here’s why. Continue reading »


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