Random Thoughts- Edmonton Oilers March 6th, 2017

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Mar 062017
  1. random-thoughtsIt is now March 3rd and the Edmonton Oilers are legit.  They currently sit 2nd in the Pacific division, 9th in the entire N.H.L. and 10pts up on a playoff spot!  I can’t even believe those are real numbers but they are and I for one am thrilled!!!  I can’t imagine the last time the Oilers had numbers like those.  It’s incredible the growth this team has shown in one season!
  2. The N.H.L. trade deadline has come and gone and the Oilers actually added to their team!  Depth centreman David Desharnais was brought in to help solidify the centre ice position.  Sure he has had a rough season and is small but he still makes the team better.  His last three seasons he has 29 in 65, 48 in 82 and 52 in 79 for a 0.57 points per game average.  Worst case is the Oilers added a depth centre who can move up and down the line up as needed and should be able to help out on the second powerplay unit.
  3. Losing Brandon Davidson isn’t that big a deal in all reality even though some Oilers fans want to believe it.  Sure he looked good last season but that is not saying much as the Oilers backend was an A.H.L. corpse.  Of course he looked good if you consider who the other 5 defencemen were.  Now that the team has an actual defence Davidson was a 7-8 guy on the team.  He wasn’t going to play ahead of Klefbom, Sekera or Nurse so they decided to move him.   I wish him luck but it won’t effect the Oilers moving forward one bit.
  4. Are we done with the Hall for Larsson trade yet?  Larsson plays tough minutes and is second in plus/minus on the team at +18 and first is some guy named McDavid.  Larsson has been exellent and he is only getting better!  This trade looks better and better by the day and it’s time for the Hall fans to get over it.
  5. The Oilers really need to improve their penalty kill.  Other than that the team is playing well and primed for success in the playoffs.  They have solid goaltending, an N.H.L. defence and all the tools up front.  Their powerplay is good as well.  If they can fix their PK look out!!!
  6. Why can’t the Oilers win 4 games in 7?  They have done it all year so why can’t they keep up that pace?  I believe!!!
  7. Wouldn’t it be great to see an Oilers vs Flames playoff series???  It would be fantastic and I really hope it happens!!!

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Oilers musings at the break

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Feb 062017




  1.  Cam Talbot has been fantastic and is providing the solid goaltending the team has been desperately  looking for for years!!!  He seems to thrive with the workload too which is great.  5 shutouts already!!!
  2.  Adam Larsson continues to impress using his size more than I would have imagined.  I love how calm he looks on the ice.  He never seems to panic, makes smart decision and logs a lot of minutes
  3. How great has Andres Sekera been???  He has been fantastic and the team needs him to be.  Good on him for having a great season.
  4. Are we done with the damn analytics and Kris Russell???  Sure he has some warts but who doesn’t?  He helps solidify the backend and I am happy he is an Oiler.
  5. Jordan Eberle, Nuge and Milan Lucic are all struggling and you’d think they’re going to turn it around at some point.  The Oilers are a good team and these three are all slumping.  I can’t wait to see what happens once they wake up!
  6. Leon Draisaitl is awesome!  That is all!
  7. I love the Oilers size up front and I hope they can add even more size at the deadline.  Bryan Boyle would be a great addition in my opinion.  He is huge, has experience, call kill penalties and of course is on an expiring contract on a bad team.
  8. Imagine the size up front if they added him to play up front with Lucic, Maroon, Kassian, Draisaitl, Henricks and Slepyslev.  Even Pouliot is 6’3!  Love it!!!
  9. Sure Lucic has been struggling of late but just wait until the playoffs.  I would venture a guess that he will be uber important and will show his true value.  I can’t wait to see it!!!
  10. Bring on the playoffs!!!

Hard to Believe

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Jan 232017

It’s hard to believe that the Oilers are where they are today. Sitting in a playoff spot with a 10 point cushion. 1 point out of first place in the division and 5 points out of first in the conference. 10th in the league. When the lineup was finally set for opening night, I felt that the team could push for a playoff spot. The team is better, stronger, tougher, more defensively responsible and scoring at a clip that is hard to believe since we are not getting much in the way of secondary scoring. This team is built for a playoff push and it’s exciting. images-3 Continue reading »

Jan 182017

Deep-Thoughts-Hulu1.  It is now Wednesday January 18th, 2017 and the Edmonton have now played 46 games.  They sit 2nd in the Pacific division, 7 points up on the wild card spot and 9th in the entire league.  I know that Oilers fans have been hurt in the past and that it is hard to believe in this organization but… it is time to believe!!!  This team is for real.  The stats above are real and this team is actually a good team!  They may not be great but 9th out of 30th is pretty damn good!   Continue reading »

Jan 102017


It is January 10th, 2017 and the Edmonton Oilers, with a win tonight, will be first in the division.  Yes that is a true statement.  I can’t even remember the last time a game even mattered this late in the season let alone was for first in the division.  Whether you want to believe it or not this years version of the Oilers is actually a good team!  Complain about individual players, coaches or management all you want but the fact is that the season is basically half way down and the Oilers are not only in the hunt but are a win away from the division lead!  How many games will it take for everyone to believe??? Continue reading »

It’s November 23rd, 2016 and the Oilers season isn’t over!!! REJOICE!!!

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Nov 232016

IMG_2163.JPG; x-apple-part-url=086F4694-490F-48CA-837E-CF44F4219563

As of this morning the Edmonton Oilers sit first place in the Pacific division with a record of 11-8-1 good for 23 points!  Sure the team had a bit of a rough go on the road on November but that was to be expected.  It sure beats the past few November’s when I already knew who the top three predicted picks were in the next June’s N.H.L. entry draft.  Not only did I know but I had opinions on who they should draft and why!  Let’s look back. Continue reading »

Edmonton Oilers Monday musings

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Nov 142016


The Edmonton Oilers are in a slump having gone 2-5-1 in their last 8 games.  I, being a fan who has witnessed many a streak like this, am very concerned and very worried.  Is this the real Oilers or is it simply a blip on the radar…???  No one knows the answer but I am truly concerned that this team is back to reality and headed back to the basement.  I know I should be more positive but how can I be?  I’ve watched this team be terrible for so long and it’s only natural that I’m wary of this team and this organization.  How could I not be? Continue reading »

Nov 072016


The Edmonton Oilers are growing right in front of our eyes whether you want to believe it or not. I get that the Oilers fan base has been beaten down and are scared to believe. They’re scared to believe because they don’t want to be hurt yet again. I get it I really do. But… this team is growing. Continue reading »


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