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Mar 292017

The reality of the playoff possibility for the Oilers sunk in for me about 2 weeks ago. But last night, as it became official, joy and relief swept through my body. I have been defending Chiarelli and his moves since the beginning. The moves I liked, the moves I didn’t like, the moves I understood and the moves I didn’t understand. And now, here we are.stanley_cup_2015

Since the transition to the Bob Nicholson era, things have been heading in the right direction. The hiring of an experienced GM coupled with an experienced head coach was a signal that the Oilers were going to do things the right way. A statement by the new CEO that everything hockey would report to him. McTavish and Lowe are still in the wings and while at times their fingerprints are visible on some of the moves that are made, the reigns have clearly been turned over.

Halfway through last season I wrote a blog about changing the culture of the team and it looks as though Chiarelli and McLellan have done that through trades, expectations and most of all – winning. We don’t need to re-hash the trades and the moves. There were some winners and there were some losers. But, they all came together to make the recipe that is a team going to the playoffs. Some difficult decisions were made and there was some blood shed, but here we are, on the way to the 2nd season.

Since coming off a bad weekend 8 games ago, the Oilers have really stepped on the gas. After dropping that 4-1 to Montreal, they Oilers have posted an impressive 7-1 record, including 3 games where they scored 7. We haven’t seen a stretch like this since 39 was patrolling the middle. It is perfect timing and the Oilers are picking up steam at the right time. With two games left against San Jose and one against Anaheim, their fate rests solely in the hands of the Oilers. The remaining 3 games are against bottom feeders LA and Vancouver and should be winnable games. Even if they finish 0.500 – they will still have finished the season with an impressive 10-4 record. Calgary has a similar finish to the season as does Anaheim and San Jose. So, it will come down to the interdivision games that make up the next week and a half. Trying to predict who will finish where is a difficult task and no matter how it shakes out, it will be a difficult road.

Hot Talbot, the League’s top scorer and 4 lines that are all chipping in…anything is possible. In 2006 I had one mantra that I said over and over in the dying days of the season and the first couple of playoff games – Believe! Believe in this team until they give you a reason not to.

Jan 202016


  1. No RNH in the lineup gives management and fans a look at what life without a 3rd center that can slot into the top 6 looks like. So far, I am not a fan of the image. Please don’t trade Nuge. But, if you must, make sure you get back a legit number one RHD.
  2. The Oilers have been waiting for some draft picks and low priced players to add some size and grit to their line-up that can move up and down the top 9 if need be. It looks like Kassian, Pakarinen and Khaira will be just that.
  3. I hope Nilsson finds his form again. It would be nice to have two goalies signed for the next couple of years for a small dollar amount.
  4. Talbot has been fantastic, but, I am shocked that he got the dollars that he did. Dubnyk was a Vezina nominee last year and their deals are comparable from a cap hit perspective. He’s been great so, I hope that pays dividends.
  5. On the topic of goaltenders, I hope the way it plays out is that Nilsson shakes back into form and signs a 2 year deal worth about $1 million per season. Then, next season, Brossoit plays so well that the Oilers have no choice but to deal Nilsson in the off-season for more help where they need it. No need to rush Brossoit, but he is knocking on the door.
  6. At the beginning of 2014-15 I would have identified the team needs as this:
    1. Center depth
    2. Defensemen
    3. Goaltending
    4. Size and grit in the top 9

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Pounding the Oilers Kool-aid!!!

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Dec 102015


Today we wake up and the Edmonton Oilers are currently sitting in 24th place and just 3 points back of a playoff spot. Go ahead and read that again. It’s the truth. It’s real. It may not last long but I’m going to enjoy it has been a long long time since the Oilers have been in this position. Continue reading »

Jul 132015

Ex- Edmonton Oilers general manager Craig Mactavish wasn’t on duty very long but managed to be quite the wheeler and dealer in his short stint here in Edmonton. As a rookie GM he certainly wasn’t scared to make moves. Some of his moves were excellent and some were awful! Let’s take a look: Continue reading »

Good Little Weekend

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Jun 292015

The oilers came out of the draft on Friday with 3 things checked off their things to do list:

  1. Number one center
  2. Goaltender
  3. NHL Defensemen
NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 21: Griffin Reinhart #8 of the New York Islanders and Cam Janssen #45 of the New Jersey Devils collide along the boards during a preseason game at the Barclays Center on September 21, 2013 in Brooklyn borough of New York City.The game is the first professional hockey match to be held in the arena that is slated to be the new home for the Islanders at the start of the 2015-2016 season.  (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 21: Griffin Reinhart #8 of the New York Islanders and Cam Janssen #45 of the New Jersey Devils collide along the boards during a preseason game at the Barclays Center on September 21, 2013 in Brooklyn borough of New York City.The game is the first professional hockey match to be held in the arena that is slated to be the new home for the Islanders at the start of the 2015-2016 season. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

The largest amount of debate amongst Oiler fans is where they stand on the apparent value of Dougie Hamilton and how the Oilers couldn’t have landed him for a similar or better package and what they gave up for Reinhart.

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May 202015


The last few weeks in Edmonton has been a wonderful time for Oilers fans.  The last decade of futility is officially behind us and the future actually looks bright.  The sudden swing seems almost surreal for fans with nothing but positives around our favorite team which obviously is a complete 180 from the last game of the 2014-2015 Edmonton Oilers season in which they lost…yet again… Continue reading »

Random Oiler thoughts

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May 072015

Musing2The Edmonton Oilers organization has changed much of their leaders the last little while and thus are in a much better spot today than they were just a few weeks ago.  Gone are the old boys and rookie GM.  In are veteran leaders who can help run this team the right way.  I liked Craig Mactavish but veteran Peter Chiarelli is obviously an upgrade at the General manager position.  Having a generational talent fall in his lap will make him look better as well but I have faith that he can right the ship. Continue reading »

Oilers fans do the happy dance

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Apr 212015

The hockey gods were smiling on the Edmonton Oilers Saturday night and in an instant Oiler fans cheered louder and longer than they have in a long long time.  I certainly can’t remember the last time I cheered like that for the Oilers.  The team has been awful for way too long but in that one instant fortunes have changed and the future actually looks bright.  Maybe there is a ray of light at the end of the tunnel. Continue reading »

Apr 162015


We all know that being an Edmonton Oilers fan is quite painful.  The team is a laughing stock and continues to kick themselves in the balls at every turn.  It seems like monthly somethings happens where I just shake my head and think to myself, “Man that’s embarrassing!”  Yesterday was one of those day with the news of the team blocking the Edmonton Rush from using the saying “Battle of Alberta”.  The Rush clearly are not competition and there is just no need for the Oilers to even care about this.  You would think a team that has been awful for so long and who’s fans are pissed off enough at the hockey they are forced to pay to watch, the yearly increases in ticket, beer, food and parking prices would do the right thing and do the complete opposite of what they did.  But as usual the Oilers come looking like a bunch of “clowns”.  It’s getting really difficult to support this organization.   Continue reading »

Apr 142015

48fc15010a26b03f8586826f99699143I wrote a blog the other day that suggested Oilers brass CONSIDER the idea of trading Taylor Hall. I believe the words I used were “time to look at trading”. I was not surprised to see many comments suggesting I had gone mad. But, I was also surprised at some people’s inability to get over Taylor Hall – I get it, he was the first 1st overall that we had and he is a great hockey player. But, there is no need to get attached. He is an asset. Continue reading »


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