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Mar 292017

The reality of the playoff possibility for the Oilers sunk in for me about 2 weeks ago. But last night, as it became official, joy and relief swept through my body. I have been defending Chiarelli and his moves since the beginning. The moves I liked, the moves I didn’t like, the moves I understood and the moves I didn’t understand. And now, here we are.stanley_cup_2015

Since the transition to the Bob Nicholson era, things have been heading in the right direction. The hiring of an experienced GM coupled with an experienced head coach was a signal that the Oilers were going to do things the right way. A statement by the new CEO that everything hockey would report to him. McTavish and Lowe are still in the wings and while at times their fingerprints are visible on some of the moves that are made, the reigns have clearly been turned over.

Halfway through last season I wrote a blog about changing the culture of the team and it looks as though Chiarelli and McLellan have done that through trades, expectations and most of all – winning. We don’t need to re-hash the trades and the moves. There were some winners and there were some losers. But, they all came together to make the recipe that is a team going to the playoffs. Some difficult decisions were made and there was some blood shed, but here we are, on the way to the 2nd season.

Since coming off a bad weekend 8 games ago, the Oilers have really stepped on the gas. After dropping that 4-1 to Montreal, they Oilers have posted an impressive 7-1 record, including 3 games where they scored 7. We haven’t seen a stretch like this since 39 was patrolling the middle. It is perfect timing and the Oilers are picking up steam at the right time. With two games left against San Jose and one against Anaheim, their fate rests solely in the hands of the Oilers. The remaining 3 games are against bottom feeders LA and Vancouver and should be winnable games. Even if they finish 0.500 – they will still have finished the season with an impressive 10-4 record. Calgary has a similar finish to the season as does Anaheim and San Jose. So, it will come down to the interdivision games that make up the next week and a half. Trying to predict who will finish where is a difficult task and no matter how it shakes out, it will be a difficult road.

Hot Talbot, the League’s top scorer and 4 lines that are all chipping in…anything is possible. In 2006 I had one mantra that I said over and over in the dying days of the season and the first couple of playoff games – Believe! Believe in this team until they give you a reason not to.

Jun 302016

6hallThe Oilers got fleeced. They got their man, but they paid dearly. But, clearly that is what the market was for a minute-munching right-handed defenseman capable of handling that kind of workload. I trust that Chiarelli dangled Hall in front of the 16 GMs out East and came to the conclusion that this was the best he was going to get. Need for need, the deal makes sense. But, when I first heard it was Larsson, I was expecting Smith-Pelley, a draft pick or Sevenson to be the rest of the package. Even when the dust settled yesterday I was still expecting the Oil to get a sweetener out of it. I had heard NJ was a possible trade partner but I thought it was going to be a lesser deal. Certainly not one that involved Hall.  Continue reading »

Feb 022016

Unknown-1Connor McDavid made his return to the Oilers’ lineup last night and he did not disappoint. He scored the nicest goal that I have ever seen live tonight when he fought off two defenders with the puck seemingly on a string, then pantsed the goaltender before tucking it home. He drove the play all game and every time he touched the puck he was a danger to score or create something incredible. He played on a line with Eberle and Pouliot and while they both had decent games on the scoresheet, I wasn’t overly impressed by either of his wingers. I am of the firm belief that you can take any two capable NHL players that can get the puck off the wall and make a tape-to-tape pass and they will fit in just fine with 97.  Continue reading »

Jan 292016

If I am GM Peter Chiarelli, I am preparing myself for a month of heavy scouting and working the phones the best I can. The hope of making the playoffs is fading fast and even with the return of Connor McDavid, the team’s chances look slim. February has some very winnable games – Columbus, the Sens, the Habs, the Leafs, the Devils, the Wild, the Jets… But, the hope is fading fast and unless something drastic is done to shore up the right side and Oscar Klefbom returns soon…well…it’s once again over.  Continue reading »

Dream On

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Jan 132016

I have a hard time writing a whole relevant blog at the best of times and this is the part of the season that I have a hardest time with. It’s almost impossible for me to pound out a blog when the reality of the situation has set in. Maybe next year. Maybe. It’s hard to be a fan and even harder to find something of interest to put on the interwebs for the world (or 567 of you who read it) to see. Being an Oiler fan has been a drain over the past decade and as we get over 3 games in which the Oilers had six points within their grasp, it is near heart-breaking to only come away with 1 point. 1 point in a game, in which they squandered 2 points to a division rival.  Keeping the faith is hard so, to stay positive I come up with dream scenarios that will solve all of the teams woes.

_OIL5180_slide Continue reading »

Nov 102015


The Edmonton Oilers currently sit in 27th place, 8 points back of the playoffs and it is only November 10th. Yet again the Oilers are awful and the chance of making the playoffs is pretty much gone. The Oilers suck and it’s the usual problems that are killing this team. Continue reading »

Random Oiler thoughts

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Nov 032015


1. I’m glad to see Oilers coach Todd Mclellan is playing Anders Nilsson tonight. I think it sends the right message to Cam Talbot and to the team. Talbot was at fault for two goals in his last outing so sitting him sends the right message. Anton Lander was benched a few games ago so why should Talbot be any different? His game wasn’t good enough so take a seat. Well done Mclellan. Continue reading »

Oct 072015

IMG_2163.JPG; x-apple-part-url=086F4694-490F-48CA-837E-CF44F4219563

The 2015-2016 Edmonton Oilers seasons starts tomorrow night in St. Louis and the team is primed and ready to go. Oiler fever is high and the team’s expectations are probably a bit high for a team that needs a 35 point increase in order to squeak into the playoffs. Sure the team got better but did they get that much better? I sure hope so but I can’t see it happening. Here are my predictions for tomorrow night in St. Louis. Continue reading »

Sep 272015

Who is Anders Nilsson? I mean, I know who he is. I know what he has done, or rather, not done in Oilers camp. By not allowing a goal yet in this preseason, he is forcing the issue of who will backup Cam Talbot this season. I know that he was acquired and then signed to a 1-way contract. But, how much more do I need to know?Anders Nilsson Continue reading »

Sep 242015

After watching 3 preseason games and 3 periods of the Young Stars tournament, here is my opinion – which matters as much as the brand of popcorn being sold at Rexall:


Continue reading »


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