Aug 182013


Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is the hot topic of discussion of late after seeing Gabriel Landeskog sign for a contract extension for $5.57 annually. Some fans think Nuge is worth more and some think the Edmonton Oilers would be crazy to give him anywhere near that. Continue reading »

Jul 162013


Mac T was on a local radio show/podcast this past week and basically said that he was happy with the roster going into the season and he felt the team was good enough to compete and they would see how good they are.

This does not surprise me at all. They Oilers have made some solid changes and the only things that really remain undone are signing Sam Gagner (which I foresee happening before arbitration) and moving Hemsky. In reality, the only reason that Hemsky “must go” is because Mac T committed to that action publically. I think that the rookie GM has learned his lesson and has remained fairly tight-lipped since the draft. If Hemsky is coming at opponents as a third line winger, secondary scoring should not be an issue. Hemsky’s cap hit is going to be difficult for many teams to swallow with the cap dropping this year so, this is going to be easier said than done this off-season.

Continue reading »

Jul 042013


The Edmonton Oilers wish list this off-season is a long one with NHL quality players needed throughout the line up.  At a quick glance the needs look like this:

Hall Nuge Eberle
____ Gagner Yakupov
PRV ____ _____
Brown Lander ____
Obviously these holes can not be all be filled this off-season and Mact certainly has a ton of work to do. Continue reading »

Jun 272013

Need for Change

In general, I try to keep a positive outlook on things. During the days leading up to and during the 2006 cup run, I had one mantra: BELIEVE. Unfortunately, when looking over the Oilers’ depth chart all I can think is: it’s just not the right mix. The pieces that Tambo brought in did not fit and the puzzle has too many of the same pieces and they don’t fit together. We were looking over the roster and one major thing stood out: half of our forwards have to go. Continue reading »


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