Oct 242013

Arcobello Smyth Petry

I am an Oilers fan, I wasn’t born into it – I love supporting the home team and have chosen to be an Oiler fan. It is painful, exciting, frustrating and in 2006 – it was rewarding. I assume if you are reading any of the blogs on this website, you are also a fan, if not of the Oilers at the very least, you are a fan of hockey. Continue reading »

Sep 122013

oil countryI find this time of year quite entertaining. Fans and main stream media are excited about the upcoming season and there is renewed optimism and pessimism in the air.

I am from the school of thought that this year will be better. I just don’t know how much better, but the good news is that there is plenty to hear about on the radio from fans and media alike. The biggest playoff challenge for the Oilers is going to be their division. Are they ready to compete with Vancouver? Are they ready to beat Anaheim? Can they manage a split with LA? Continue reading »

Jul 302013

gmSam Gagner signed a 3 year deal worth an average yearly salary of $4.8 million this past month and I reflected on this deal and I can only come up with one word: perfect. If Gagner didn’t want to be in Edmonton and see this rebuild to the end, he would have taken his one year arbitration and moved on after this season and taken his money. Swin wrote a brilliant article about the Gager haters and it really shed some light on what the Oilers really have in Gagner and what the alternatives are. 3 years is the perfect deal.

I have heard some fans complain that Boyd Gordon’s contract is too large at $3 million and that Ference’s 4 year deal is too long. Thanks, captains of obviousness – that is what happens when you fill the holes via free agency. If Ference’s term didn’t take him to retirement, he probably doesn’t come to Edmonton. I have heard Gordon’s game described by a former teammate as: the way the game is supposed to be played. Horc was too expensive at $5.5 and apparently his replacement is too expensive at $3. Is there something I am missing here? Who’s money is it anyway? Lots of people in Northern Alberta are overpaid, why shouldn’t some of the Oilers share in that good fortune. Until we are up against the cap, it doesn’t matter.

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Jul 192013



Madness. Is Mac T a mad genius or just mad? Does he have someone scouting the KHL non-stop? First, he signs a fairly unkown defenseman out of Omsk Avangard name Anton Belov. Regarded by some as the best defenseman in the KHL last year, this one makes some sense. On draft day, he trades down and takes a couple of mid round flyers in Yakimov and Slepyshev. As a new GM, I can understand him thinking out of the box. I have been supportive of the moves Mac T has made up until this point. But, Grebeshkov? Looking at his hockeydb I discovered he hasn’t scored a goal since 2010-2011 and was a -11 in 44 games last year while posting 8 points and 22 PIMS. What am I missing?

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Jul 162013


Mac T was on a local radio show/podcast this past week and basically said that he was happy with the roster going into the season and he felt the team was good enough to compete and they would see how good they are.

This does not surprise me at all. They Oilers have made some solid changes and the only things that really remain undone are signing Sam Gagner (which I foresee happening before arbitration) and moving Hemsky. In reality, the only reason that Hemsky “must go” is because Mac T committed to that action publically. I think that the rookie GM has learned his lesson and has remained fairly tight-lipped since the draft. If Hemsky is coming at opponents as a third line winger, secondary scoring should not be an issue. Hemsky’s cap hit is going to be difficult for many teams to swallow with the cap dropping this year so, this is going to be easier said than done this off-season.

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Jul 082013

loading up for a trade

Is GM Craig Mactavish loading up for a trade? - This morning over breakfast I was reading the Edmonton Journal’s Cult of Hockey Blog. Bruce McCurdy posted an article Sunday night referencing the Oilers latest pickups on defense. Organizationally, the Oilers have had a number of moves on defense this off season. Gone are Ryan Whitney, Theo Peckham, Colton Teubert, Alex Plante, and Kyle Bigos. Additions include:  Anton Belov, Philip Larsen, Darnell Nurse, Lee Moffie, Ben Betker, and Brad Hunt. The additions and subtractions so far even out, but I was still left to wonder why the emphasis on organizational defensive depth early this off-season when there is so much need in other areas? Is it possible that Mactavish is loading up for a trade? Continue reading »


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