Gapping issues in Anaheim cause the Oilers problems

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Mar 232017



Last night in Anaheim the Edmonton Oilers played arguably their biggest game of the season.  Stud goalie Cam Talbot had a rough night but no one should go hard on him as he has been a horse this year and played well almost every night.  He’s allowed to have an off night.  The real reason the Oilers lost , in my opinion, is because they decided not to gap up…on every single goal.  Let’s break it down goal by goal. Continue reading »

Oct 072015

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The 2015-2016 Edmonton Oilers seasons starts tomorrow night in St. Louis and the team is primed and ready to go. Oiler fever is high and the team’s expectations are probably a bit high for a team that needs a 35 point increase in order to squeak into the playoffs. Sure the team got better but did they get that much better? I sure hope so but I can’t see it happening. Here are my predictions for tomorrow night in St. Louis. Continue reading »


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