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The Edmonton Oilers managed a 5-2 victory last might against the Vancouver Canucks but woke up this morning to find out centre Sam Gagner will be gone for the foreseeable future with a broken jaw. Taylor Hall took a nasty elbow to the face earlier in the game and Darnell Nurse was run from behind as well. Reminds me of the last few seasons doesn’t it?


Teams come to Edmonton with little to no fear knowing the Oilers will provide no deterrent for their actions. I remember Joe Thornton in a pregame scrum talking about how he loved coming to play here because it was a really fast and fun game. Fml!!! Teams should be dreading coming here not excited about it!!!


Mike Brown tried to settle the score his next shift out but other than that, nothing was done. Is the answer team toughness??? Is it a goon??? Is it turning the other check and making team pay on the power play??? A few years back super goon Steve MacIntyre sat on the bench and settled scores as often as possible but did that really work? The Oilers were constantly injured that season as well.


What is the answer??? The only response that I haven’t seen tried is running a star player on the other team as payback. Or even running the goalie. An eye for an eye. What would a Sedin have to say to Weise or Kassian if they got run, two handed or beat up in response to a dirty play by their teammate. It most likely wouldn’t be a very nice conversation.

I’m not a fan of a heavyweight sitting on the bench for 58 minutes a night but I certainly am a fan of Brown running a goalie or a Sedin if anyone touches Hall, Eberle, etc. I can guarantee you the cheap shots would stop pretty damn quickly.

Keep the Faith!!!

I am a 10 year veteran at Remax Real Estate in St. Albert and have the privilege of working with my father Rod on a daily basis. I am a diehard Oilers fan and avid golfer who is married with two wonderful boys. I am very lucky to have such a wonderful family.

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