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It is January 10th, 2017 and the Edmonton Oilers, with a win tonight, will be first in the division.  Yes that is a true statement.  I can’t even remember the last time a game even mattered this late in the season let alone was for first in the division.  Whether you want to believe it or not this years version of the Oilers is actually a good team!  Complain about individual players, coaches or management all you want but the fact is that the season is basically half way down and the Oilers are not only in the hunt but are a win away from the division lead!  How many games will it take for everyone to believe???

I am getting so sick and tired of fans complaining about the team!  I get that it has been terrible the last decade but that is in the past fellas!  This is 2017 and the team is finally good!  I get that there has been lots to complain about in the past but how can you complain about a good team?  Sure there are holes and the team could be improved but that could be said about every N.H.L. team.

Peter Chiarelli still gets trashed about moves he has made and has not made.  I get that comes with the territory but look what he took over.  The team had no starting goalie, a horrific defence, a small skilled forward group and not much in the farm.  In not a lot of time he has plugged many of those holes.  Talbot is legit in net.  The backend is grossly improved and the forward group now is big and has skill.  I don’t know anyone could look at the roster today and the roster he took over and not see that.  The team was so soft so he brought in Milan Lucic, Patrick Maroon and Zack Kassian and fans complained.  Lucic is too slow and his body is going to break down.  Lucic is one of the leagues most feared forwards that can actually play.  Get over it!!!  The Hall for Larson deal will never look good but the trade was a must as the backend was so bad!!!  Fans still complain about Kris Russell!  He makes the defence better…period!


I really do get that people have the right to bitch and complain if they choose to and that is more than fine but one day I hope they see the light and realize they’re watching a good hockey team for the first time in a decade.  I hope they finally can enjoy what they’re watching instead of trying to pick it apart.

We the fans finally get to watch a team with a good starting goalie, an N.H.L. defence, skill and size up front and the worlds best player who just happens to still be a teenager.  The future is extremely bright and Stanley Cups are in the near future whether you want to believe it or not! #positiveTuesday

Keep the Faith!!!


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Brody McIntyre
I am a 12 year veteran at Remax Professionals. I am a diehard Oilers fan and avid golfer who is married with two wonderful boys. I am very lucky to have such a wonderful family.
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  2 Responses to “When will the fans stop bitching and start enjoying…???”

  1. Give us some time to learn to live again. 10 years of darkness does not go away over night. The dawn is breaking on a new day and we must embrace it after years of false H.O.P. E. We will come around you’ll see.


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